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3Bays GSA Golf Swing Analyzers

3Bays GSA Golf Swing Analyzers & Putting Analyzers

If you are an avid golfer looking for complete information to analyze your game, you cannot go wrong with the 3Bays GSA line of Golf Swing Analyzers. 3Bays are leading the way in golf motion sensing technology and sports science, providing a wide range of swing and putt analysis products at an affordable price point. From amateurs to professionals, 3Bays provides you with the information and statistics you need to step ahead of the competition with data that is real-time.

3Bays GSA Golf Swing Analyzers

3Bays line of Swing Analyzers started with the 3Bays Pro Original. Priced at $149. the Pro Original features 2D playback and analyzes club head speed, face angle, swing path, tempo, back swing time, impact force, ball speed, carry distance, "best" swing comparison, and pro comparison. The best-selling and updated GSA Zone features a lighter, sleek design, 4-sided 3D playback features metrics to improve your power (top of backswing, club head speed, carry distance, power zone), accuracy (3D swing path, shaft lean, face angle, tempo), and consistency (best swing comparison and pro comparison) all for $199.

To compliment their state-of-the-art swing analyzers, 3Bays developed the Putt Putting Stroke Analyzer allowing you to see your putting stroke like never before to help you improve the consistency and path of your stroke. Priced at $119, the Putt captures even the most subtle movements in your stroke so you can cut precious strokes off your scorecard.

If you are impressed with 3Bays Zone or Putt, you will love the 3Bays Glance sports band. As the ultimate fitness companion, you can track how much you run, walk, and sleep daily, and set your exercise goals. Best of all, the Glance can be used with the GSA Zone for hands free swing analysis on the course. See your club head speed after each swing right on your wrist without having to pull out your phone.

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3Bays GSA PUTT Putting Analyzer

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3Bays GSA Zone Golf Swing Analyzer

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3Bays GSA Pro Original Golf Swing Analyzer

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3Bays Glance Fitness Sport Band

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