Best Golf Launch Monitors 2020 - Reviews - Affordable & Portable Units
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Best Golf Launch Monitors 2020

Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2020

If you are serious about improving your game, a personal launch monitor is probably on your radar. Tracking your shot with either a portable or stationary device is a great way to enhance your practice sessions and really get a feel for your range. Plus, having your own monitor means you can golf whenever you want, day or night. And in the cold during the winter months, you can set up your launch monitor indoors to practice your game and keep your swing alive. 

We know that every golfer is different so naturally, there isn't one launch monitor that is best for everyone. There are several monitor systems on the market today, with new ones coming out each year. They vary not only in price, but also in capability, footprint size, and technology. Instead of scouring the internet for hours trying to decipher the differences, we've put together a list of the best launch monitors out there, so you can spend less time researching and more time playing golf!

Best Launch Monitors

Top Golf Launch Monitors for 2020

Best Personal Home Golf Launch Monitor: SkyTrak

Serious golfers and enthusiasts alike are raving about SkyTrak. One of the best things about SkyTrak is it can be used with the best software packages on the market and brings huge value at a very low price. Accuracy is key with any simulator or launch monitor and the SkyTrak has that in spades. With high-speed photometric sensors, the SkyTrak is one of the most accurate monitors available. Players looking to better themselves will be pleased with the precise ball data provided by SkyTrak. When you combine the accuracy, software and unbeatable price point, it makes sense why the SkyTrak is a best seller.

Key Features:

  • Access to Top Software like WGT, TruGolf E6, The Golf Club & More
  • Very Accurate
  • Launch Monitor & Simulator
  • Tons of Features for the Price

The SkyTrak gives you the following data for your shot: Carry, Total Distance, Launch Angle, Side Angle, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Back Spin and Side Spin.

Best Portable Launch Monitor: Voice Caddie SC200 PLUS

When you need to track your golf game on the go, a portable launch monitor can give you great insights into your shots and help you better your skill wherever you are! At roughly the size of a smartphone, the SC200 PLUS fits perfectly in your bag or pocket for easy mobility. The Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS uses radar to track your ball. The monitor displays very accurate ball data on your shot. The voice feature will also read out your results so you don’t have to keep looking at the display to know your stats. Take the SC200 PLUS to the range and enjoy practice and game modes to gain more feel and control on each club in your bag. The new Practice Swing mode allows you to swing without a ball while still getting accurate readings on your clubhead speed. This feature makes the SC200 PLUS a robust Launch Monitor and Swing Speed Analyzer all in one. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Voice Readouts
  • Radar Sensors
  • Practice Modes
  • Practice Swing Mode

The SC200 PLUS gives you the following data for each shot: Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed, and Smash Factor.

Top Affordable Golf Launch Monitor for the Money: Ernest Sports ES12

Improving your golf game doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The ES12 from Ernest Sports is a low-cost way to help you dial in your shots. For less than $200 you can get instant feedback on your shot distance and ball speed. Take the ES12 to your next practice session and record every shot to get a better feel of your range with each of your clubs. This portable launch monitor syncs easily with your smartphone and can be paired with a Bluetooth listening device. This allows you to hear your distances and ball speed after every hit. The ES12 is the perfect training aid for golfers who aren’t looking to break the bank.

Key Features:

  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Radar Sensors
  • Included Free App

The ES12 gives you the Ball Speed and the Carry Distance of every shot.

Best Professional Golf Launch Monitor: Foresight GC2

From country clubs to professional golfers the GC2 golf launch monitor from Foresight Sports has been used to train some of the world’s best golfers. It’s incredible accuracy and ball feedback makes it an excellent tool for coaching and fine-tuning your game. From its inception, the GC2 was specially tailored to give pro’s and serious golfers the most authentic practice and training experience available. With high-speed stereoscopic cameras, the GC2 analyzes key ball metrics to give you insanely accurate ball data. Completing the package is the additional HMT unit which tracks your club and gives you comprehensive data on your swing from horizontal club path to impact location. The GC2 is a must have for the serious golfer looking to get to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Professionals
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Built-in Display
  • Lots of Simulation Software Available
  • Consistent Feedback Very few misreads

The Foresight GC2 gives you the following data for your shot: Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Side Angle, Side Spin, Total Spin, Carry & More with HMT.

Best Driving Range Launch Monitor: Ernest Sports ES15

Commercial Launch monitors are a great way to enhance players practice sessions at the driving range. With the ES15 from Ernest Sports, you get a sleek and professional launch monitor, that is a great way to give your range a modern feel. You can customize the 30" x 15" display with your own graphics and club logo in order to leave a lasting impression on golfers. Players can sync their smartphones up with the ES15 and get audible read-outs on their hands-free listening device or track their session with the provided free app. The ES15 is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression and to take the driving range experience to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Huge 30" x 15" Display
  • Great Coaching Tool
  • Included Free App
  • Designed for Driving Range Use

The ES15 accurately tracks Club Speed, Ball Speed, Distance, Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Smash Factor.

Choosing the Best Golf Launch Monitor of 2020

So which golf monitor is best for you? Professional golfers will be most satisfied with the extensive ball data given by the SkyTrak or GC2. Beginners and golfers on a budget can benefit a lot from the entry-level practice monitors like the ES12 and SC200. Whether you are a scratch golfer looking to play under par, or a beginner just learning how to swing, there truly is a launch monitor for everyone.

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