Best Golf Mats of 2020 - Reviews for Top Turf Practice Hitting Mats
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Best Golf Mats

Best Golf Practice Mats 2020

If you are looking to improve your game, a hitting mat is a great way to practice your swing at home. Not all golf mats are created equal, and choosing between them can be a real challenge. Many of the golf mats available today simulate the look and feel of a real golf course, but deciding between them takes a better understanding of how they work and depends on the kind of experience you are looking for.

We’ve compiled a list of the best golf mats that are available. Since every golfer is different there isn’t one perfect golf mat that fits best for everyone, so we’ve created a list of the best golf mats for all types of golfers.

Real Feel Country Club Elite

Best Selling Golf Hitting Mat

Real Feel Country Club Elite

Compromise nothing with the Country Club Elite hitting mat. This best selling practice mat is built using Real Feel’s Long Dense Fiber system. This high-performance turf gives the most realistic hitting experience available, allowing you to hit down and through the mat. The innovative hitting surface has the perfect amount of give to relieve strain on your joints and prevent injury. The Country Club Elite allows you to use your own wooden tees, further enhancing the authentic experience provided by the Real Feel Mat.

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Best High-End Golf Turf Mats

Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt has built a name you can trust when it comes to quality and durability. Their Launch Monitor Studio mat is the perfect solution for your home golf simulator or anywhere you need long-lasting value. Built with their famous Fiberbuilt Grass, the Launch Monitor Studio Mat gives you ample area to practice your shot alongside your launch monitor of choice. The Fiberbuilt Mat comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee, which means you can count on this mat to deliver years of high-quality performance.

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Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Mat

TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat

The TrueStrike Double Golf Hitting Mat is designed to eliminate bounce and turf shock, that normally accompanies hitting mats. TrueStrike’s world-class golf mat combines a super durable synthetic grass mat with a gel-based core to give you an authentic and forgiving hitting surface. This professional turf is available for commercial and residential applications, allowing you to amp up your practice sessions and experience a true grass feel hitting mat. Swing with confidence knowing your hitting on the most forgiving and realistic mat available.

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TrueStrike Double Golf Mat

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

Best Golf Mat for Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Turf

When you are putting together a Golf Simulator Package choosing the right mat is important. The Net Return Pro Turf is our most popular mat for golfers putting together their perfect package. It’s extra long length puts you at the perfect distance from your impact screen or hitting net. Combine that with an incredible price and a durable long-lasting design, and you can start to see why it has been a favorite amongst home golf enthusiasts.

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Best Affordable Golf Mats

Cimarron Ultimate Golf Mat

Looking for a golf mat that won’t break the bank? The Cimarron 4 x 6 Ultimate Golf mat is a great hitting mat at an affordable price. This one of a kind mat gives golfers the ultimate hitting experience with not one but three unique hitting surfaces. Each hitting zone is designed to mimic the feel of hitting from the tee, fairway and even the rough. So whether you are correcting your drive, practicing with your fairway woods, or working on your pitching, the Cimarron Ultimate Golf mat is a portable and fun way to improve every part of your game.

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Cimarron Sports Ultimate Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt FlightDeck

Take your golf game wherever you go with the Fiberbuilt FlightDeck mat. This portable practice mat gives you the ability to practice your swing and perfect your drive without spending an arm and a leg. The Flightdeck is designed with Fiberbuilt’s high-performance turf, giving you an incredible practice experience from home. The oval-shaped design allows you to hit from any direction and the sturdy rubber base provides protection for your clubs. With a guaranteed 300,000 shots this performance hitting mat is the perfect way to start improving your game from home.

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Fiberbuilt FlightDeck Golf Mat

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