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Fiberbuilt Golf Mats & Putting Greens

Fiberbuilt has been the golf industry’s leading brand for premium artificial turf hitting mats surfaces since 1995 for a reason. Trusted by 5,000 driving ranges in the world, Fiberbuilt Golf Mats provide commercial-grade that is now accessible to home golf simulator and launch monitor users. Providing the feel of real grass, Fiberbuilt Mats are the only artificial surface that allows you to hit down and through the surface. Backed by a 30,000 Shot Guarantee, Fiberbuilt mats are extremely durable withstanding years of use before showing any wear. Not only that, they provide turf shock absorbing technology that reduces bounce impact on your wrists and knees and reduces injuries. That is the sweet balance between durability and forgiveness that we look for as the indoor golf experts at Rain or Shine Golf. We stand by Fiberbuilt Golf Mats as an ideal golf mat for your golf simulator or home practice setup.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Mat

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Mat

  • Fiberbuilt's most affordable golf mat at $89.99
  • Provides an oval-shaped small hitting surface

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station

  • Add a high-traction stance mat, ball tray, and alignment guides to the Flight Deck Golf Mat
  • Ideal for working on your swing path, feet alignment, and ball position
  • Priced at $399.99

Fiberbuilt Putting Greens

Fiberbuilt's market-leading turf expands into putting greens perfect for your home, office, or commercial setting. These greens are made with a premium true-roll putting surface that emulates real on-course putting conditions and are enhanced with a chipping turf section so you can work on your putting and chipping all-in-one. Not to mention, the metal cups provide authentic sound and accurate targets giving you the ultimate at home short game experience. Compare all of the size options for Fiberbuilt Putting Greens below:

 Model Square Footage # of Holes Price
Links 4' x 8' 32 sq feet 2 $574.99
Monterrey Links 4' x 10' 40 sq feet 2 $719.99
Links 8' x 8'
64 sq feet 4 $1,149.99
Pinehurst Links 6' x 12' 72 sq feet 2 $1,299.99
Kingston Links 10' x 10' 100 sq feet 4 $1,799.99
Bandon Links 8' x 16' 128 sq feet 2 $2,299.99
Melbourne Links 14' x 14' 196 sq feet 4 $3,499.99
$599.99 $499.99
SAVE $100.00

Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Golf Mat

$99.99 $79.99
SAVE $20.00

Fiberbuilt Rectangular Golf Mat Ball Tray

$99.99 $89.99
SAVE $10.00

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat

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