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Golf GPS Watches & Rangefinder Technology

If you don't own a Golf GPS Rangefinder, you are missing out on the fastest and easiest way to get accurate yardages to the front, center, and back of the green. With a wide range of different options for getting your distances, we put together this all-in-one collection for the best Golf GPS Rangefinder technologies and brands on the market. From the popular Golf GPS Watches to new clip-on or magnetic GPS technologies, there are a number of different options with varying price points.

Wearable Golf GPS Watches

Starting with the LINX GT by SkyCaddie, this watch is considered golf’s smartest, simplest and most advanced watch yet. The LINX GT comes with SkyGolf's best-in-class TrueGround course maps for over 35,000 golf course worldwide. This gives you accurate yardages to all critical targets and hazards including fairway and green targets, bunkers, carries, and water hazards. Featuring IntelliGreen technology, the LINX GT also displays the true shape of the green from your angle of approach. With Auto-Course Recognition, Auto-Hole Advance, and Auto-Distance Update you can play your entire round hands-free. The LINX GT's Auto Shot Tracking feature is absolutely next level and automatically captures each golf shot and tracks your game so you can analyze your statistics after your round.

skycaddie linx gt golf watch

With the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS app, you are able to get an eagle’s eye view of the entire hole from your smartphone that allows you to move the cursor to any point on the hole. The app also features digital scoring and Bluetooth Smart technology lets you upload scores and statistics to the SkyGolf 360 Cloud for post round analysis. The SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch retails for $350.00 but can be yours for only $299.95 at Rain or Shine Golf!

While the SkyCaddie LINX GT is an excellent top-of-the-line option, you may also want to consider the more affordable Voice Caddie B1 Golf GPS Band. Featuring a stylish, slim, and lightweight design and a bright OLED display, the B1 is an excellent Golf GPS Watch. Like the LINX GT, the Voice Caddie B1 features automatic GPS recognition and provides accurate yardage to the front, center, and back of the green. The Voice Caddie B1 also measures your driving distance, remaining distance to the hole, and comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses worldwide, which is actually more than the LINX GT. The Voice Caddie B1 has a double touch simple operation touch screen and the “Touch” function can be operated without removing your golf glove.

voice caddie b1 golf watch and band

The B1 watch also has the additional benefit of being water and dust resistant. The Voice Caddie B1 does not have all of the features of the LINX GT, but is also more budget-friendly retailing at $189.99, but available for purchase at Rain or Shine Golf for only $169.99.

Handheld Golf GPS Rangefinders

While watches are the most popular form of GPS Rangefinder, handhelds come in at a close second. These devices tend to be small and lightweight enough to store in your pocket without affecting your swing. Like the GPS watches, these rangefinders also provide accurate yardages to the front, center, and back of the green.

Starting with Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Rangefinder, priced at $99.99, comes from the most trusted rangefinder name in all of golf. The Bushnell Phantom rangefinder is a pocket-sized GPS device with easy to read large numbers. The Phantom GPS comes preloaded with over 36,000 worldwide golf courses and is ready to use straight out of the box. The Bushnell Phantom is also Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to automatically update courses via the Bushnell Golf app. The Bushnell Phantom features Auto Course Recognition which automatically pulls your course up when you arrive, and features Auto Hole Advance which eliminates the need to push any buttons throughout your round. Bushnell makes the Phantom GPS extremely convenient by integrating a bite magnetic mount to the back of the unit so you are able to mount your Phantom right on your golf cart or any metal surface. The Bushnell Phantom also includes a clip holder if you wish to attach the rangefinder to your bag, belt, or hat. The battery life lasts for 10 hours and comes in 4 colors (black, blue, green, red) while weighing only 52 grams!

bushnell phantom gps rangefinder

The SkyCaddie Touch Golf GPS by SkyGolf is another excellent handheld GPS rangefinder option. The SkyCaddie Touch comes with many of the same features that the Bushnell Phantom has including 35,000 pre-loaded courses (1K less than the Phantom), auto course selection and distance recognition, bluetooth connectivity, and more. What differentiates the SkyCaddie Touch from the Bushnell Phantom are SkyCaddie's two patented features, the Interactive HoleVue and IntelliGreen. With the Interactive HoleVue and Auto Zoom, you get a bird’s eye view of the layout of the hole, helping you avoid hazards by knowing exactly where to place every shot. With IntelliGreen Technology you also get a bird’s eye view of the green allowing you to select the perfect club with help of front, back, and center of the green yardages as well as carry distances over all hazards. The SkyCaddie also has a digital scorecard preloaded with your course information and a 12-14 hour battery life (more than the Phantom) allowing for use for multiple rounds of golf. The SkyCaddie Touch comes at a great value at only $299.95, which is almost 15% off of the retail price!

skycaddie touch golf gps rangefinder

Voice Golf GPS Rangefinders

Talking GPS Rangefinders are absolutely booming in popularity for golf. With these GPS units, you get voice output of your yardages allowing you to stay hands free and focused on your game. The two brands that offer this form of GPS technology are Voice Caddie and Golf Buddy.

Voice Caddie line of GPS rangefinders include the VC200, the VC300SE, and the D1 Voice and Screen Rangefinder. The Voice Caddie VC200 is the base model in the Voice Caddie line and is the most affordable voice golf GPS rangefinder on the market but only tells you how far you are to the center of the green. The step up from the VC200 is the VC300SE, which is very similar to the base model but provides voice distances to the front, center, and back of the green while the VC200 only provides distances to the center of the green. The Voice Caddie VC300SE also has automatic course and hole recognition for the low price of $129.99 offering an excellent value for a small price difference. What differentiates the VC200 and VC300SE from the Voice Caddie D1 is that the VC200 and VC300SE only offer your yardage in the form of voice output. The Voice Caddie D1 provides voice output of your yardages but also displays them on a clear and vibrant LCD display which features a unique backlight that provides clear and visible readings in all lighting conditions. The D1 Voice and Screen also provides analytics with its built-in odometer so you can easily track the distance traveled, time elapsed and calories burned from your rounds. The VC D1 also has access to over 40,000 courses around the world. The Voice Caddie D1 is very affordable and comes with great value at only $169.99 at Rain or Shine Golf, saving you $20 off the retail price!

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SkyCaddie LINX GT Golf GPS Watch by SkyGolf

$119.99 $99.00
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Voice Caddie VC200 Golf GPS Rangefinder

$149.99 $129.99
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Golf Buddy Voice 2 Talking GPS Rangefinder

$149.99 $129.99
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Voice Caddie VC300SE Golf GPS Rangefinder

$249.99 $229.99
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Golf Buddy WTX Plus GPS Watch

$349.99 $299.99
SAVE $50.00

Golf Buddy VTX Handheld GPS Rangefinder

$179.99 $149.99
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Golf Buddy VoiceX Talking GPS Rangefinder

$179.99 $129.99
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Golf Buddy WT6 GPS Watch

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