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Golf Laser Rangefinders

Laser Golf Rangefinders

Golf Laser Rangefinders

Many golfers, whether they are experienced or a beginner, are using laser rangefinders to improve their game by giving them a clear and accurate measurement of their distances. With a laser rangefinder you simply aim at your target, press a button to activate the laser measuring device when you are locked in on your target, and within seconds you will receive an extremely accurate measurement of how far you are away from your target. There are many benefits to using a laser rangefinder, such as having a better understanding of how far you hit each club, knowing exactly how far you are away from the flag, a hazard, or a bunker, and they are very simple to use. Laser Rangefinders help you stop second-guessing your yardages while standing over the ball and will save yourself the time you spend looking for sprinkler heads and pacing out your yardages so you can focus on hitting your best shot.

Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders are the #1 rangefinder in professional golf and have been for over a decade due to their accuracy and reliability at the highest level. Considered by most to be the best golf rangefinder on the market, Bushnell consistently wins performance and design awards while tour pros and caddies trust the accuracy and consistency they receive from their readings to perform at the highest level. Based on a study done in 2017 done by the Darrell Survey, one of the most respected research firms in golf for over 75 years, 97% of PGA Tour golfers/caddies at the PLAYERS Championship used Bushnell as their rangefinder. At the NCAA Men’s Championship, 97% of golfers chose Bushnell, while another 95% of golfers on the LPGA Tour trust Bushnell to provide accurate distances to the target.

Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders

Each Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder features PinSeeker with JOLT Technology, which provides a quick vibrating pulse to confirm that you are locked in on the flagstick, not a tree or any other object in the background. Compare models and find the best one for you in our Bushnell Golf Rangefinder collection.

Leupold Laser Rangefinders

Leupold has redefined golf rangefinders by offering a unique combination of innovative product features that allow you to get a true distance to the flag by incorporating elevation changes, temperature, and other atmospheric conditions. There are many rangefinders on the market today that can provide line of sight ranging, but as most golfers know, the true distance to the hole is rarely ever a simple straight line. There are many factors that go into measuring your actual distance to the flag such as inclines, declines, altitude, and temperature, all of which can affect your club selection. With Leupold, you will have all the confidence you need to hit your best shot, knowing that you have the right club in your hand due to all of the factors that are accounted for in providing you the most accurate distance possible.

Leupold Golf Laser Rangefinders

Leupold’s GX rangefinders pick up less digital noise than their competitors providing a more accurate distance to the target. With a variety of different price points, models and features, there is a Leupold Rangefinder out there for the newest golfers and for Tour pros. With prices starting at $199.99 for people with a lower budget, and a top-of-the-line rangefinder with every feature you can imagine priced at $549.99, there truly is a Leupold out available for everyone. Find out more about each individual model and find the right one for you in our Leupold Golf Laser Rangefinder collection.

$689.99 $549.99
SAVE $140.00

Leupold GX-5i3 Golf Range Finder

$374.99 $299.99
SAVE $75.00

Leupold GX-1i3 Golf Range Finder

$200.00 $149.00
SAVE $51.00

Precision Pro Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder

$414.99 $329.99
SAVE $85.00

Leupold GX-2i3 Golf Range Finder

$250.00 $199.00
SAVE $51.00

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Laser Rangefinder

$300.00 $249.00
SAVE $51.00

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

$299.99 $249.99
SAVE $50.00

Golf Buddy LR7S Laser Rangefinder with Slope

$249.99 $199.99
SAVE $50.00

Golf Buddy LR7 Laser Rangefinder

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