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Hi, I'm Roland with Garage Golf where We Provide Extraordinary Golf Info Fore The Extra-ORDINARY Golfer! I wanted to let you know that we here at Garage Golf have teamed up with Rain or Shine Golf to provide you with our honest and unbiased golf simulator product recommendations. Included on this page you will find some of our favorite picks in different categories ranging from launch monitors, mats, screens, nets and more. We don't sell anything here directly but if you purchase an item from our page or recommendation we may earn a small commission which helps our channel create more content but the item remains the same low price to you. We are here to help you with any and all of your golf simulator needs to get you up and playing golf as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy our selections and please let us know if you have any questions!

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Top Value Pick - SkyTrak Launch Monitor

A few years ago when researching golf simulation I came across the Skytrak Launch Monitor. This device was finally something that offered the everyday average golfer the ability to be able to practice golf within their own space without having to go to a driving range or shell out big money for multiple rounds. To top it all off, it was not only a launch monitor, but also a golf simulator which was something that up until that point was only geared towards the wealthy. I decided to take the plunge and ultimately made the purchase and have not once regretted it.

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

Throughout the years, no product on the market has continued to evolve and offer the bang for your buck that SkyTrak has provided. They now have the option to choose between multiple unique Golf Simulator programs that partner with SkyTrak, all of them offering their own unique features and benefits. In addition, SkyTrak continues to update their application on a regular basis with new features and tools, all of which are geared towards helping you improve your golf game. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to beat the value for your money that Skytrak will provide!

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Rolands Recommended Golf Launch Monitors

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Rapsodo MLM Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM)
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Rolands Recommended Golf Mats

Out of all the mats I have tested on my channel the Truestrike Golf Mat is my absolute favorite golf mat hands down. I switched to the Truestrike from a Fiberbuilt Golf Mat and do not regret it one bit. The Truestrike Golf Mat has interchangeable panels that allow you to expand your golf mat and setup over time if desired. It also allows you to hit down and through the golf ball without feeling like you are hitting out of the rough and without giving you the vital feedback required on both thin and fat golf shots. I have hit thousands of golf balls on this mat and it has withstood the test of time. Truestrike continues to impress and I have yet to test anything better that has changed my mind.

Rolands Hitting Mat Videos

TrueStrike Golf Mat Review Video

See why TrueStrike is Roland's favorite golf mat and how it stacks up against Fiberbuilt.

Real Feel Country Club Elite Review

See Roland's thoughts on the Real Feel Country Club Elite and how it compares to Fiberbuilt.

SwingTurf Golf Mat Review

Rolands Recommended Golf Hitting Bays

Rolands Entry Level Budget Picks

Rolands Recommended Golf Simulator Packages

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