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SkyCaddie Golf GPS Watches & Rangefinders

SkyCaddie GPS Watches & Rangefinders

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Meet the new generation of golf with the help of the amazing and user-friendly technology of SkyCaddie Watches and SkyCaddie GPS Systems. Pair the integrated GPS technology with the SkyGolf 360 app to create the ultimate golf experience. All SkyCaddie watches also have time and fitness tracking capability.

If wearable Golf GPS technology is what you are looking for, then turn to the SkyCaddie Linx GT Golf Watch. Want to hold one in the palm of your hands? Look no further than the SkyCaddie Touch. All of our amazing SkyCaddie GPS products are equipped with bluetooth technology that will wirelessly connect with your SkyGolf 360 mobile app.

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SkyCaddie LINX GT Golf GPS Watch by SkyGolf

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SkyCaddie SX500

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