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The Net Return Golf

Best Golf Practice Nets, Hitting Mats and Simulator Projector Screens from the Net Return

The Net Return Series of golf products combine excellent durability paired with extreme portability. These golf nets and golf net accessories are perfect for just about any room in your house (with proper ceiling height) and can easily be transported for indoor or outdoor use.

The highly durable and lightweight aluminum framing and simple, color-coded push button assembly of the Net Return Pro Series makes this indoor or outdoor golf net the most versatile yet. Don't mind an extra 8 pounds and a slightly smaller net? The Net Return Home Series has all the benefits while being friendlier on the budget. Looking for a turn-key golf simulator? Look no further than the top of the line quality of a Net Return Simulator Series.

No matter what you choose, you will have more fun with the game of golf than ever before, all in the comfort of your own home with The Net Return.

The Net Return Indoor / Outdoor Golf Net Comparison


Home Series Golf Net

  • 7' Height x 7' Width x 3' 6" Depth
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • 1.5" Steel Frame
  • Ball speeds up to 200 mph


net return home series indoor outdoor golf net


Mini Pro Series Golf Net

  • 6' Height x 5' Width x 3' 6" Depth
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • 1.5" Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Ball speeds up to 225 mph

Net Return mini pro series golf net


Pro Series Golf Net

  • 7' 6" Height x 8' Width x 3' 6" Depth
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • 1.5" Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Ball speeds up to 225 mph

net return pro series golf net


Pro XL Series Golf Net

  • 9' 6" Height x 10' Width x 3' 6" Depth
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • 1.5" Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Ball speeds up to 225 mph

net return pro xl series indoor or outdoor golf net

The Net Return Golf Practice Nets & Hitting Mat Packages

For only an additional $400, you can add a Pro Turf Golf Mat ($349) and custom fit Side Barrier Netting ($179) to your net purchase in any of the packages listed below:

The net return pro series golf net and mat package

The Net Return Golf Simulator Projector Screens

Add a highly durable, commercial-grade high impact golf simulator screen specifically designed to fit your Home Series or Pro Series Golf Nets. These highly durable screens are designed to handle real golf balls and full speeds in excess of 200 mph...good luck hitting it that hard!


Net Return Simulator Screen home series pro series

The Net Return Simulator Series

Looking for an all-in, turn-key golf simulator at a lower cost than you've ever seen? Look no further than the Net Return Simulator Series for the golf simulator you've always dreamed of. Add the Projector Mount Kit, Pro Turf Golf Mat, and one of our award winning Launch Monitors to turn your Simulator Series into one of our Platinum Packages.


net return platinum simulator series golf simulator



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