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The Net Return

The Net Return's line of golf nets are hands down the best golf nets on the planet. Unlike many of the cheaper pop-up nets on the market, The Net Return features world-class commercial-grade UV-treated polyester netting so you can be confident that your golf net will withstand years of use with real golf balls.

The Net Return net is great to use inside in your garage, basement, or spare room in your house for indoor golfing. You can also take The Net Return golf nets outside for multi-sport use including soccer, baseball, and more! With easy to follow instructions and quick color connect assembly, you will have your net up in no time and can take it apart for easy storage anytime you like. Not to mention each golf net is designed to automatically return the golf ball - hence the name, The Net Return.

With The Net Return's premium quality construction, backed by a 1-year warranty, you can be confident you will have a net you are going to love for many years to come.

The Net Return

The Net Return Golf Nets


The Net Return Golf Mat

If you want to make the best use of your golf net, you are going to want a golf mat. Unlike most other golf mats that are 4' to 6' in length, The Net Return Golf Mats are specifically designed with extra long length to ensure continuous ball return after you hit your shots into your golf net. Plus, the extra length gives you enough room to stand comfortably on the golf mat in your stance and take a full swing forward without hitting the frame of your golf net. We love recommending these mats for anyone creating a home golf environment, indoors or outdoors because they provide an excellent balance of durability and forgiveness.

The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

  • Our Most Popular Golf Mat
  • 6' wide x 10' long
  • 50 pounds
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Putting green functionality with stimpmeter of 10
The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

The Net Return Golf Net & Mat Packages

If you want it all bundled together, we have a selection of packages that include a net, mat, and side barriers. The benefit of these packages is that you can get it all at a lower, bundled price plus with the included side barriers will protect you from the inevitable mishits.

The Net Return Golf Simulators

Our favorite part about The Net Return Golf Nets is that they make for very high quality yet affordable accessories for a golf simulator setup. Plus, their versatility in switching from a golf net and mat practice setup to a golf simulator is unmatched by any brand out there. Any of the net & mat packages above can easily be paired with any of our golf simulators or launch monitors. All you would need is an iPad, Laptop Computer, and/or TV and you have a very affordable golf simulator setup. Below are our most popular two golf simulator packages with your choice of The Net Return net.

SkyTrak The Net Return Golf Simulator Package 

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package


  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor with Choice of Software
  • Choice of The Net Return Home or Pro Series Net
  • The Net Return Side Barriers
  • The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

OptiShot Home Golf Simulator Package

OptiShot 2 Home Golf Simulator Package


  • OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator
  • The Net Return Home Series Net
  • The Net Return Side Barriers
  • The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

If you want to use a projector and simulator screen with your golf simulator, The Net Return offers the Simulator Screens below: 

The Net Return Golf Simulator Screens

The Net Return Projector Screens are made of a highly durable, commercial-grade high impact golf simulator screen specifically designed to attach right onto your Home Series or Pro Series Golf Nets. These highly durable screens are designed to handle real golf balls and full speeds in excess of 200 mph (good luck hitting it that hard) and provide a bright crisp image with your projector.

The Net Return Home Series Golf Simulator Screen

  • Attaches to The Net Return Home Series Golf Net
  • 6'6" High x 6'8" Wide

The Net Return Home Series Screen

The Net Return Pro Series Golf Simulator Screen

  • Attaches to The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net
  • 6'9" High x 7'8" Wide

Net Return Simulator Screen home series pro series

The Net Return Simulator Series

While the above options are a bit more versatile and affordable, if you are really looking for an unbeatable value golf simulator enclosure, look no further than The Net Return Simulator Series for the golf simulator you've always dreamed of. The Simulator Series features a floating design eliminating bounceback from hard shots (reducing the wear and tear on your screen) and is built with a heavyweight polyester material that will give your simulator bright and crisp clarity with an HD Projector. The true beauty of the Simulator Series though is the optional Projector Mount Kit add-on that allows you to mount a short-throw projector directly to the top of the screen without having to drill holes in your walls or ceilings.

The Net Return Simulator Series

If you are looking to go all-in with a turn-key golf simulator setup, we offer the below options that include The Net Return Simulator Series, The Net Return Projector Mount Kit, and The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat with some of the top golf simulators on the market. When paired with a quality projector like the Optoma EH200ST, you will have the ultimate home golf simulator setup.