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TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats

True Strike Golf Practice Hitting Mats


No matter how spot on a golfer is, they can always use some practice. The best way to practice the strokes is on a mat that is rugged like the golf courses and sturdy enough it can handle the golf driving ranges. That describes this hitting mat all the way around. If a piece of the mat gets too worn over the years, simply remove the individual part and replace it.


TrueStrike Golf Mat Benefits

  • Hit Down & Through
    • With the help of TrueStrike's "ruckable" top surface and gel-filled divot simulating subsurface design, golfers can now hit down on the ball properly so the club passes through the ball.
  • No Shock, No Strain, No Pain
    • No more vibration going up the club and into the arms upon impact, because the gel pad will absorb the impact right below the strike surface.
  • Adjustable Tees
    • TrueStrike encourages the use of real tees, so the tee holder is strategically placed underneath the range mat section.
  • No Bounce
    • Synthetic hard mats cause the club to "bounce" after impact and that is why TrueStrike made the surface so there would not be a "bounce".
  • Durable and Cost Effective
    • The TrueStrike mat was made to last through 55,000 iron clubs striking it! When a spot wears out simply replace the one spot and not the entire mat.
  • Enhance Your Game
    • A TrueStrike golf mat can be set up outside or inside the home and costs about the same as one golf club. Lowering your golf score and becoming a better golfer has never been easier!
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