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Voice Caddie Swing Caddie Launch Monitors and Golf GPS Rangefinders

Voice Caddie Golf GPS Rangefinders and Swing Caddie Launch Monitors

Swing Caddie Launch Monitors

Sometimes even the professional golfers have an off day and cannot decide which club would be best for the shot that needs to be made. Rather than guess which club is appropriate, reach for the SC100 or the SC200. The SC100 will never have players experience boredom again when practicing. Enjoy instant readings so the golf swing can be improved until accuracy has been mastered. For taking things a step farther the SC200 comes with a remote so the device can easily be set to match which club is being used for the shot. Quickly learn everything from the swing speed to the smash factor along with the distance the ball went sailing with every hit! No need to bend over and read the numbers because the friendly voice is going to tell everything about each stroke. Both swing caddies are portable, hands free and will help all golfers perfecting their game!




Voice Caddie GPS Rangefinders & Watches

When enjoying a good game of golf there is nothing worse then having a bad overall game! There are devices that can help everyone improve their strokes all the way to knowing which golf club will work best for the shot. The Voice Caddie VC300 is small enough to clip on the brim of a hat, yet powerful enough it can be heard easily in 1 of 8 different languages. Enjoy the game while the device takes the hassle out of knowing how far to the green! While the VC300SE knows which hole lies ahead and how far the ball needs to slice through the air before hitting the green. Easy click of the button options for keeping any golfer updated at all times. One charge will last 9 hours. The VC200 may look a little bigger, but it offers everything golfers love about GPS Rangefinders. Clipping a powerful device to a belt has never been easier! Some golfers need more than a voice telling them about the course. The D1 not only clips on the belt or hat, but the top flips open for displaying everything. Learn how many pars til the ball rolls into the hole along with how many yards are needed before knocking the ball into the air. A clip on is not for all golfers. Since not all golfers are alike there is the B1 GPS Band Rangefinder. It easily fits around the wrist and offers an additional 10,000 golf courses. Not only is this lightweight, but there is an elegant display showing everything a player will need to know before stepping up to the tee. No need to panic when there is water around, this is fully waterproof and will not skip a beat!


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