CF - Best Golf Nets 2019
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CF - Best Golf Nets 2019

Best Golf Practice Nets 2019

Whether it’s the cold or just the love of the game, getting a home golf net is the perfect way to get in more reps all year round. They are a key component if you are looking to build your own golf studio with a launch monitor or swing analyzer and are a great addition for those wanting to add pitching and driving to their home practice regimen.

Golf nets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are basic flat hanging nets that will stop a ball in its tracks, and the more advanced return nets, that not only return your ball but can also help you see when you slice or hook your shots. The design and construction materials also make a big difference, some are better for indoors, while others are built with weather-resistant materials allowing you to keep them outdoors all year round.

We’ve put together a list of the best practice nets available, so you can spend more time perfecting that draw, and less time rummaging through endless product descriptions.

Best Golf Nets

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Best Indoor Golf Net

The Net Return Home Series

When you are looking to work on your golf game indoors, you need a need a net that is the perfect size and will protect your home. The Net Return Home Series Net is an ideal size at 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide and is constructed of high-performance polyester netting that can withstand 200 mph ball speeds. The Net Return’s signature net system returns every returns your ball to your feet so you can take your next swing without chasing your ball around your house. The Home Series Net is easy to assemble and constructed of a high-performance tubular steel frame. You will be hard pressed to find a net that is so feature rich at such an affordable price. It’s easy to see why the Net Return Home Series Net is such a popular choice for indoor applications, it is an excellent way to bring your golf game inside.

Who it’s best for: Golfer’s looking for a good value, indoor golf net, with return features.

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Best Outdoor Hitting Net

Cimarron Masters Package

Turning your backyard into a golfing oasis is a dream for many golfers. The Cimarron Masters Package will make your dream a reality. The huge outdoor practice net is designed with long-lasting materials that are built to withstand the elements. The large 10 foot high, 10 foot wide and 10 foot long hitting enclosure creates the ideal hitting zone for golfers. With high-strength UV protected nets covering the top, back and sides of the steel frame, you have complete coverage for all of your golf shots, even the wild ones. So whether you are building your perfect outdoor golf getaway or upgrading your commercial sports complex, the Cimarron Masters Package golf net quite literally has you covered.

Who it’s best for: Those looking to build an outdoor home golf enclosure or a commercial sports enclosure.

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Most Affordable Practice Net

Cimarron Sports Hanging Net

Building an at home golf studio doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. The Cimarron Sports 10’ x 10’ hanging net is a great way to practice your golf at home on a budget. The heavy duty netting easily stops balls and can be used either as a stand-alone golf net, or can be added to any existing net or impact screen to add an additional layer of protection. This simple hanging net is a no-frills solution for stopping balls. You won’t find any side protection or ball return features that are common in other hitting nets, but it is also priced hundreds of dollars less than most other golf nets. While the Hanging Net may lack some of the conveniences of higher quality hitting nets, it will certainly get the job done for those who are on a tight budget.

Who it’s best for: Golfers who are on a strict budget, or are looking to add another protective net to their existing hitting net.

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Best All-Around Hitting Net

The Net Return Pro Series

The Net Return Pro Series hitting net pulls out all the stops, with the best features, high-quality design and long-lasting construction you could hope for in a practice net. The Net comes in at 7 ½ feet tall, 8 feet wide and just 3 ½ feet deep, making it a perfect fit for indoors or out on your lawn. The Pro Series is constructed of rust-proof aluminum framing that gives you a light-weight and sturdy practice net that is built to last. The UV protected polyester netting is designed to stop balls up to 225 mph, you know in case you decide to fire one out of a cannon. With a 250,000 shot guarantee, you can trust that the Net Return Pro Series will provide you with hours of exceptional golf practice. Whether you are looking to transform your garage, backyard, or spare bedroom, the Net Return Pro Series is our number one choice for golfers who want to get the most out of their practice net experience.

Who it’s best for: Players who want a long-lasting return style golf net that is approved for indoor and outdoor applications.

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