Specific Rules (all rules on a per-day basis):

  1. NO Assistance of any kind either formally or informally, intentional or unintentional, however
    oblique in nature. NO “Showing what club to hit”.
  2. NO Practice, NO Warm-ups on the Same Hole. (practice swing is ok; no ball hit)
  3. NO qualifying shots from the same distance the day of the event.
  4. Any computer hardware or software malfunctions, or glitches during the shootout will render ALL
    shots ineligible for a prize claim for that shot.
  5. NO Substitutions.
  6. NO Past or Current Golf Professionals. A professional is defined as someone who plays golf for a
    living, teaches or coaches golf for a living or is employed by a golf course with the title head pro
    or assistant pro. Chippopalooza is allowed no more than 6x participants who work in the golf
    industry under some other capacity.
  7. 6x College Golfers and 6x High School Golfers (played in high school or college in the last 5 years)
    allowed to participate per day
  8. NO Elite Amateurs fields. (50% or MORE of the event entrants have Currently have or maintain a
    6.0 handicap or LESS.) determination is Final.
  9. Notification to contestant(s) can ONLY be made the day of the event and randomly selected.
    There was NO pre-registration, sign-up or elimination of ANY individual person or group to SKEW
    the quality of golfing contestants
  10. 1 winner ONLY or shared award unless otherwise stated in writing.
  11. Either 2x Independent witnesses required or 1x Police or a PGA official, AND unedited videotape.
  12. Only 1 Shot allowed per contestant, from the contracted distance and/or Any distance in the
    contest. NO Multiple Attempts, Shots or Re-try’s allowed.
  13. Client/Contestants must Also adhere to all contractual points, terms conditions the rules and
    regulations of the USGA, NO exceptions under any condition at any location.
  14. Greens and cups Must be flat in Nature and NOT have any sharp breaks towards the hole or
    breaks from each side of the hole causing Any type of funnel effect towards the hole. MINIMUM
    Yardage Required. determination is Final.
  15. Names and likenesses of promotion winner(s) may be used by Hole-in-WON and or its designee(s)
    for promotional purposes without further compensation to the client or the promotion winner(s).
  16. Any and All changes to this addendum MUST be done in writing and signed on by the client and PRIOR to the event.
  17. All eligibility terms, and conditions of this addendum are the SOLE responsibility of the client.
  18. Must be 18+ to participate.

Full Terms and Conditions

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