Rain or Shine Golf Holiday Deals & Gift Guide
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Rain or Shine Golf Holiday Deals & Gift Guide

Rain or Shine Golf Gifts & Deals For The 2019 Holiday Season

Choosing the perfect golf gift this holiday season just got easier. New pack of balls. New golf shirt. Maybe a new wedge.... Sure, they are nice. The problem is, you can't use new golf balls or new golf shirts for months with snow on the ground! What if you really wanted to wow the golfer in your life and give them something they can use now?

If you want a golf gift that can be used any time, regardless of the weather outside, indoor golf equipment is one of the easiest ways to unwrap a smile. Whether you’re shopping for a scratch golfer or a first-timer, the items on our list are proven crowd favorites. So this year give the greatest gift of all - the gift of golf.

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Golf Simulators

A home golf simulator is quite possibly the best gift you could give a golfer. While you could easily spend well over $20,000, we have a number of packages as low as $799! If you want the best bang for your buck, we recommend the SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package that is priced at $6,999 ($1,000 OFF for a limited time). The SkyTrak SwingBay features the 3x Golf Digest voted Best Value Golf Simulator, SkyTrak with the SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen & Enclosure. This package also includes a premium golf hitting mat, a projector, a projector mount, a landing pad to protect your floors, side netting to protect against shanks, and other accessories to get you going. All you need is a PC or iPad, and you have a all-in package for well under $8,000.

Get the SkyTrak SwingBay for $1000 Off for a limited time! No code necessary.

SkyTrak SwingBay

Other Golf Simulator Deals

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Golf Launch Monitors

FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo is the most portable golf launch monitor on the market and offers some incredible game improvement features for under $500. Throw it in your pocket and head to the range or use it indoors with one of our golf practice net & mat packages. Get carry distance, ball speed, club speed, spin rate, smash factor, and more displayed right on your smart phone.

Get $50 off FlightScope Mevo through Cyber Monday! No code necessary.

FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak is not only a launch monitor, but a golf simulator as well. Display your shot data on an iPad or PC or better yet, get a golf simulator screen and projector and create a golf simulation experience right in the comfort of your home. SkyTrak is our best seller and most highly rated product. It's safe to say that the golfer in your life would be blown away if you got them a SkyTrak.

Get $300 Off the SkyTrak Launch Monitor until January 1st! No code necessary.

skytrak golf launch monitor

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Golf Nets

While it does make it that more awesome, you don't need a fancy golf simulator or launch monitor to golf indoors. An indoor golf net such as The Net Return Home Series Golf Net would do the trick, allowing you to swing away in your garage, basement, or spare room with a minimum ceiling height of 8'6". The Net Return also features automatic ball return and an easy assembly system so when the weather warms up, you can bring it outside too.

Get The Net Return Home Series Golf Net for $449 ($50 OFF) until January 1st! No code necessary.

The Net Return Home Series Golf Net

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Golf Hitting Mats

Real Feel Country Club Elite

If you want to golf indoors, you'll also need a quality golf hitting mat. After doing in-depth in-house testing of the top golf mat brands on the market, the Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat is the lowest cost golf mat that we feel comfortable recommending. It has an excellent fairway like feel and provides enough forgiveness for injury prevention. With the 5' x 5' size option priced at $539, your mat will last through years of use and can be rotated to increase longevity.

Get the Country Club Elite Golf Mat for $100 Off Until January 1st! No code necessary.

real feel country club elite

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt is widely known as the best golf hitting mat on the market. After conducting our own in-house tests of the best golf mats on the market, Fiberbuilt displayed the most accurate distance readings versus real grass. Also, Fiberbuilt provides the most forgiving hitting surface helping to prevent potential injuries to your wrists, elbows, knees, and back. For the serious golfer looking for the ideal hitting surface for your indoor golf setup, Fiberbuilt is the way to go.

Get 10% Off Fiberbuilt Golf Mats Black Friday to Cyber Monday! No code necessary.

Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Golf Mat

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Indoor Putting Greens

The Big Moss Michael Breed Birdie Path Putting Green is a great way to straighten out your putting stroke and an excellent gift any golfer. Priced at $199, this is a 8' long x 2' wide putting mat with colored lines that aid set up, face angle, swing path, tempo, & targeting skills. The Michael Breed Birdie Path can be laid down in any room in your home or can be an awesome accessory to any office. We even have one right in our Rain or Shine Golf offices!

Get $50 Off the Big Moss Michael Breed Birdie Path until January 1st! No code necessary.


If you want the ultimate putting green for your golf simulator room, we recommend the Fiberbuilt's line of putting greens. With 4' x 8', 4' x 10', 4' x 14', 6' x 12', and 10' x 10' sizes, you will surely be able to find the perfect one to fit your space. Fiberbuilt's putting surface rolls true and features realistic metal cups for an authentic sound. Dial in your putting stroke and add the a beautiful looking putting green to any room in your home.

Fiberbuilt putting greens are 20% off between Black Friday & Cyber Monday! No code necessary.



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Golf Simulator Screens

Turn any room in your house into a golf simulator room with the HomeCourse Retractable Golf Simulator Screen. The HomeCourse features a ballistic grade hitting screen that retracts with the push of a remote control button. With a launch monitor like SkyTrak and one of our golf mats, you are on your way to creating an excellent flex space golf simulator package.

Get The HomeCourse Retractable Screen for $1,699 ($300 OFF) until January 1st! No code necessary.

 Retractable Golf Simulator

An alternative golf simulator screen & enclosure to consider is the SwingBay, developed by our team at Rain or Shine Golf. This product was developed based on feedback from our amazing customers and features a ballistic sound dampening screen that can withstand ball speeds of up to 250 mph. It also provides HD clarity when paired with a high lumens projector for the ultimate golf simulator experience. If you have a 12' wide x 16' deep space, the SwingBay will let you play golf, all year long, anytime you want.

Get The SwingBay for $2,999 ($500 OFF) until January 1st with code SWINGBAY

SkyTrak SwingBay


Still not quite sure what the golfer in your life would want? Get an easy stocking stuffer with a Rain or Shine Golf Gift Card. Available for $50+, this is the safe bet to make sure they get something they are going to love.

Rain or Shine Golf Gift Card