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Golf Simulators for Bars and Restaurants

Commercial Golf Simulators

Hundreds of bar and restaurant owners around the country are seeing huge increases in revenue by purchasing a Golf Simulator. These simulators allow users to play on real golf courses within a simulated environment. As the golfer hits the ball, the simulator captures data and simulates the shot on to the screen. This all happens nearly instantaneously, providing a very realistic golfing experience.


Today's golf simulation technology is highly accurate and allows players to simulate a full round of golf including driving, chipping, and putting. A golf simulator is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. In a bar or restaurant, simulators offer a low maintenance solution for adding top-line revenue and increasing profits. Below are the key benefits that golf simulators provide to bars and restaurants:

TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator w/ E6Golf Connect


Increase your profits

Most bars and restaurants struggle to increase the revenue brought in per square foot. To do this, you must increase your average number of customers per day, the average time spent per visit, and your average customer bill size. Golf simulators do a fantastic job of improving all three of these areas.

Bring in more customers

Adding one or multiple golf simulators to your bar or restaurant will create a unique entertainment option for potential customers. It helps bars to stand out from the crowd and provide a differentiator that can convince a potential customer to choose your bar or restaurant over another. Golf simulators also bring in bigger groups of people to play on the simulator. Friends, family, business outings, and more will contribute to a higher number of people coming to your bar.

Increase the average time spent per visit

A golf simulator provides a great way to keep customers in the door. Depending on the players and size of the group, a typical round on a golf simulator will take 1-2 hours. Many groups may show up before and stay after for a drink, ultimately contributing to a longer average stay for customers. 

Increase your average customer bill size

Most bars and restaurants charge per round or per hour of use on a golf simulator. This in itself will automatically add top-line revenue to your business. But on top of that, players will be ordering food and beverages throughout their time on the simulator. Our customers consistently enjoy seeing more money being spent per visit after getting a golf simulator.


GolfZon Vision Standard

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator for Bar

Improve your atmosphere and customer experience

Whether you are playing or watching, customers enjoy the fun atmosphere that a golf simulator provides. Golf simulators provide both experienced golfers and those just starting out a stress-free way to enjoy the game and spend time with friends and family. Customers will leave with a smile on their face, increasing the likelihood they will come back and recommend your business to a friend.

Run tournaments and VIP Events

Golf simulators provide a great opportunity for bars to run special events. Competitive entertainment and special events keep your bar top of mind throughout the week. They strengthen emotional affinity towards your bar or restaurant and provide a great social experience that customers will remember. Turning once-in-a-while customers into regulars!


Golf simulators can be used for more than just golf! Additional software options are available so that customers can play other simulator sports such as football, soccer, and baseball! 

The golf simulator screen can also easily convert into a big-screen TV projection, providing a fantastic viewing party experience. Bars can utilize the golf studio area as a private viewing area that customers can rent for big events like the Super Bowl or March Madness. Many bar and restaurant owners use our golf simulators for other purposes as well such as karaoke, trivia nights, business meetings, family reunions, and more! 

Golf simulators provide a fantastic dual-purpose space that can be utilized in many different ways that add value to your business.


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Commercial Golf Simulators for Sale

With multiple options, we are sure to have a golf simulator that will suit your needs. Our commercial golf simulators are packaged with everything you need for a golf studio and are easy to setup. Add the wow-factor that will keep your customers coming back for more with commercial golf simulators from Rain or Shine Golf!

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Studio

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator

Price: $6,099

Minimum Room Size:
9' High x 10' Wide x 12' Deep

The Ultimate Flex Space Package - with a retractable hitting screen, this package is ideal for those needing easy portability.


Learn More About the SkyTrak Retractable Studio

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator with E6 Connect

Price: $10,495

Minimum Room Size:
8' High x 9' Wide x 12' Deep

The most compact and portable simulator in the TruGolf Vista Series. The Vista 8 is a high-quality simulator at an affordable price.

Learn More About the TruGolf Vista 8 Simulator

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator with E6 Connect

Price: $15,995

Minimum Room Size:
8' High x 10' Wide x 15' Deep

The Vista 10 is the perfect mid-range TruGolf model and brings upgraded features and an exceptional simulation experience.

Learn More About the TruGolf Vista 10 Simulator

TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator with E6 Connect

Price: $18,995

Minimum Room Size:
9' High x 12' Wide x 15' Deep

This simulator is the ultimate package. The Vista 12 brings all of the features available from TruGolf in one outstanding system.

Learn More About the TruGolf Vista 12 Simulator