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SkyTrak Launch Monitors - Shortgame Tips to Improve your Game

Lower your scores with a SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor!


Most avid or recreational golfers realize that the key to lowering scores is definitely your shortgame. You may hit your drive 250 yards, maybe even 300, a 3-wood to 100 yards out on a par 5, and then take 3 or 4 shots to finish out the hole. How can it be that it takes us 2 shots to hit the ball some 500 yards, and then twice that many shots to get the ball in the hole from 50-100 yards. This is the ultimate demonstration of the importance of shortgame. 

The SkyTrak software package features an excellent feature that allows you to master this part of your game (50-100 yards). Practice with this game mode and you will no doubt be able to cut your handicap in half in the next offseason. This game-improving feature is called the "SkyTrak Skills Assessment"

When reading these tips for improving your game, keep in mind that this feature can be used with any number of shots, at any combination of distances!

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Skills Assessment 

The most popular way to track your practice and progress is with the 50-75-100 yard approach to practice. The way that this works is the SkyTrak software displays a virtual green 50 yards away, 75 yards away, and then 100 yards away and you track your progress with these easy steps:

  • Hit 5 wedge shots to the 50-yard green
  • Hit 5 wedge shots to the 75-yard green
  • Hit 5 wedge shots to the 100-yard green

After you complete hitting all 15 shots and have viewed your golf shots for immediate results, you are then able to use the Skills Assessment Tool to view your results. This tool will be able to look at your performance to these 3 targets and then display metrics such as the average proximity to the hole, distance offline, distance long or short, whether you hit the green, and an excellent overall stat known as the "Dynamic Handicap". 

Before we get into this, let's look at the 75-yard results as an example...

So you completed hitting 5 shots to the 75-yard target. Now, let's go back and review your results to see how you did. This SkyTrak Skills Assessment is going to help you analyze your performance, teach you how and what needs practice, and have you shooting lower scores in no time at all:

First, you will see a summary of your performance. This section is going to explain in a simple fashion the percentage of shots that you hit the green with, average "shot dispersion", the tendency of your misses, and the "Dynamic Handicap" which combines all of these metrics into one overall performance score!

Second, the Skills Assessment is going to display a virtual "map" of all of your shots relative to the 75-yard green. This will help you to visualize your performance before we get into the raw numbers behind your results.

Lastly, we will get into the details behind the numbers. SkyTrak lists the following metrics, shot by shot and averages, in order to explain how these summary numbers were met and helping you to view your overall consistency:

  • Total Distance to the pin
  • Left/Right (distance offline)
  • Short/Long 
  • Hit green
  • Missed green
  • Dynamic Handicap

Looking at all of these metrics helps you to check in on your consistency. Simply practice by using this tool and you will be able to see which yardages need work. Practice those yardages and you will start shooting lower scores. It's that easy! 

Now that you have all the information needed to complete your first lesson using your SkyTrak, get to work!! Phil Mickelson practices landing the ball on a small towel from these distances and hits the towel more often than not...INCREDIBLE! Now, we don't expect you to be the next Phil Mickelson, but why not strive to practice the same skills as all of the tour players and get the most out of your game? Enjoy!!


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I would like to see most golfers strive for the numbers mentioned on the chart about halfway up this page, as this will provide the most out of your game. I hope this helps, now hit the links and go start making some birdies!

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