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Putting Tips and Tricks

Putting Training Aids - Dave Pelz And L2 Putters -- Practice At Home Or On The Course

"These training aids shaved 5 strokes off my handicap in just a few weeks!"

You walk up to the most difficult par 4 on the golf course. You crush a drive right down the middle and move on the hit a beautiful iron shot right onto the middle of the green. You then get caught up in the excitement of your birdie putt and get a little too aggressive, and miss the 5-foot par putt coming back. As avid golfers, we know how frustrating this can be. You play the hole very well but still walk away with a bogey. Putting has proven to be the most important part of our golf game, and can account for nearly half of our total strokes on the golf course, especially if those always painful 3-putts start to plague your scorecard.

Sound familiar?

This problem has plagued golfers for years..and we have the solution! Pelz Putting Training Aids and L2 Putters will solve all of your problems!
In order to improve your putting, you must practice and perfect a few of the most important aspects of the putting stroke. These training aids will teach you to master the following key elements of the putting stroke:
  • Repeatable Rhythm
  • Consistent feel and accuracy
The key word of these techniques is repeatability! There is no one way to make a golf swing or a putting stroke, the key is being able to repeat your swing every single time. These training aids will get you to be able to repeat your swing consistently, every time!

Click the images to buy one for yourself! Your game can't afford not to!

Pelz Putting Tutor

Take your game to its maximum potential with one of the most popular training aids used on the PGA Tour! Improves on-line putting, green reading, set-up, and stroke mechanics

 Pelz Putting Track

Proven by the PGA Tour: the more you use this putting track, the more putts you make! Develop down-the-line stroke consistency, verify a perfect set-up, improve alignment, and set up for straight line or arc putting strokes!

Pelz Alignment Mirror

Assure a perfect set-up, perfect eye position over the ball, and start making more putts!



L2 Putter MOI MAXX

Bring simple physics to your game to improve your alignment, distance control, accuracy, and overall consistency. The large but balanced putter face, weighted technology, and large sweet spot will have you making more putts than ever before!

A word from the owner:

"The club head and weight of these putters truly do take the hands and wrists out of the putting stroke - a problem that causes many missed putts around the golfing community. The easiest way to start making more putts and have the most consistent stroke possible is by using the larger muscles of your body (shoulders and arms with a stable lower body). Due to the weight of this putter, you are forced to fire these larger muscles and the result is an effortlessly smooth and consistent putting stroke."

L2 Putters - MOI MAXX Putter

For more information on how to start improving your game, especially in the offseason, check out some of our top selling brands!

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