OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor

OPTISHOT BallFlight Launch Monitor

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What's included with installation?
  • Complete setup of hitting bay and/or net, mat, and side netting (if applicable).
  • Identification of best location for projector installation
  • Mounting of projector and projector mount to ceiling
  • Unit test with picture alignment and focus
  • Launch Montor initial setup and configuration (does not include golf course software installation)
How it works

After you complete your purchase, our team will be notified of your installation add-on. Once the tracking information for your package is set with an estimated delivery date, we will get in touch with you to set up an installation appointment. Installation typically takes two technicians 3-4 hours.

Important Notes of Install
  • Additional fee will apply to installs 50 miles outside of a major city.
  • The ceiling your projecter will be installed on must be 12' or under.
  • Be sure that your room has at least 1 reachable power outlet.
  • All work will be completed during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5pm)
  • Installers are not responsible for removal of left-over package contents.

**We are committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our network of nationwide technicians now complete a Pre-Arrival Checklist screening for each job based on current preventative measures provided by the CDC. Additionally, the customer signature portion of the service ticket may now be waived.


OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor

The OptiShot BallFlight is one of the industry's most advanced golf simulators. Offering trio tracking technology, BallFlight is the only product on the market that uses camera, radar, and infrared to measure your golf shot. The unit is portable, responsive, and capable of both indoor and outdoor use.

From honing your skills on the simulators driving range to taking advantage of full course play, OptiShot's BallFlight provides the perfect blend of training and entertainment.

What’s Included
check mark icon BallFlight Unit
check mark icon Simulator Software
check mark icon Carrying Case
check mark icon Golf Ball Marker Tool and Marker
check mark icon USB Connection Cable (Requires USB3.0)
check mark icon Power Cable
check mark icon Screw Adjustable Legs
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