Golf Simulator Reviews - What Customers Are Saying


Golf Simulator Reviews

Golf Simulator Reviews - What customers are saying

Read about what fellow golfers are saying about the golf simulators you are interested in. It's one thing to hear how great a product is from the company itself - but customers can have a whole different story! Here, you can read about what actual customers are saying about the golf simulators they've purchased.  

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Reviews

Frequent Comments

  • “All the data from SkyTrak allows me to see exactly what’s going on in my swing”
  • “I am able to play and practice all year long”
  • “Incredible value”

Users love their SkyTrak.  The SkyTrak Launch Monitor has an incredible 4.9/5 rating from customers. What we hear most about SkyTrak is the great value. SkyTrak costs just $1,995 but offers the data and accuracy of launch monitors that can cost $10,000-$20,000. Customers also love the game improvement features that come with SkyTrak. Mark H states “my swing speed has significantly increased and my carry distance is actually further than what I normally hit it. Getting feedback from the SkyTrack has validated that my grip was too tight”.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Package Reviews

FlightScope Mevo+ Reviews

Frequent Comments

  • “Highly accurate and easy to use”
  • “Very impressed with the Mevo+!”

The Mevo+ by FlightScope is a tour caliber launch monitor at a price point that is reasonable for all. The Mevo+ provides more data than most at it's price point. From ball data to club data the ES16 provides golfers a wealth of data that can be used to improve your game. The Mevo+ is also highly accurate. It can be used indoors and outdoors and can easiliy fit in a golf bag. The Mevo+ is one of the hottest new launch monitors on the market.

Mevo+ Golf Simulator Package Reviews

Uneekor QED & EYE XO Reviews

Frequent Comments

  • “Very accurate and support is top notch!”
  • “The driving range allows you to see club to ball contact making it easy to change your position and correct defects in your swing”
  • “The stats and information was more than I could have asked for.”

Both the QED and EYE XO are regarded as the best, premium overhead launch monitors available on the market. Customers often point out ease of installation and are surprised by the wealth of club and ball data available to them. Lefties are a big fan of the overhead setup, enabling them to play with right-handed golfers without the need to adjust software or move anything around!

Uneekor QED/EYE XO Package Reviews

TruGolf Golf Simulator Reviews

Frequent Comments

  • “This is the best simulator I've played on”
  • “Can be setup so that both beginners and more experienced players can enjoy playing”
  • “A ton of information about impact, ball flight, and swing path.”

TruGolf has a 5/5 rating amongst customers. Customers love the instant feedback, incredible accuracy, and large amount of data they get on every swing. TruGolf provides a wealth of shot data including ball flight, spin, club path, impact location and more. Diane W. says "This winter has been brutally cold and snowy but I've been able to work on improving my golf game and with much better feedback than I would get at the range in summer". Users also love the entertainment side of TruGolf Golf Simulators. The E6 golf simulator software comes with many different practice areas and games making practicing fun for everyone!

TruGolf Golf Simulator Package Reviews

Foresight Sports GC2 Golf Simulator Reviews

Frequent Comments

  • “Simple to set up”
  • “One of the most accurate launch monitors out there!”

The GC2 by Foresight Sports is a highly accurate launch monitor used by tour pros and amateurs alike. It uses an advanced stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes the ball at impact to deliver the most accurate values of ball performance available today. Customers love that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing equally accurate results. The premium accuracy does come with a more premium price - which can be an occasional knock on the product. But once in your hands, there is no going back to other launch monitor brands!

Foresight GC2 Golf Simulator Reviews

For information about the best golf simulators you can read our Best Golf Simulator's Guide. Rain or Shine Golf offers free shipping and a price match guarantee, ensuring you get the lowest price available on golf simulators. For information on all golf simulator packages offered at Rain or Shine Golf view our Golf Simulator Packages page.

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