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Best Golf Simulator Packages

Golf Simulators for your home are now more feasible than ever before! What used to be a $50,000 minimum investment for a laser accurate golf simulator, can now be achieved for well under $10k (or even $5,000!).

The best part... you don't have to go to your local country club or pro shop to get on a golf simulator and play great indoor golf... you can do this right in your own home!

We have spend thousands of hours testing the likes of SkyTrak, Foresight, Uneekor, Trackman, FlightScope, and more to put together the top golf simulator package picks, just for you!

Check out our guide below to find the best golf simulator that fits your needs and budget.

With your very own in home golf simulator, you can golf anytime you want with your friends and family, regardless of the weather outside, and start dialing in your distances better than ever before.

Forget about those 5 hour afternoons on the golf course, you can literally play 18 holes in 45 minutes!