Setting Up Your Own At Home Driving Range

At Home Driving Range | How To Build | Best Kits

Setting up your own home driving range is easier than you might think! These days there are a lot of options no matter the budget or space requirements you may have. From small mat and net setups that are under $300 to full on driving range simulators, there are options for all.

In this guide we'll go over everything you need to make your dream of having your own at home driving range a reality. We'll cover the best products on the market, top things you can do to upgrade your setup, driving range kits, and more!

Recommended Products For Home Driving Range

In the end, building a home driving range can be a relatively inexpensive way to satisfy your golf itch. The setup you go with can vary from having a simple net and mat setup to a full golf simulator. Rain or Shine Golf prides ourselves on being the best resource for all your home golf needs! Check out our recommendations below to help find the best products for your needs: