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SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor Setup and Installation

SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Setup and Product Overview

  • Laser: Displays a red dot precisely where the ball should be placed during use
  • Optics Lens: Reads the golf shot using photometric technology
  • Ready LED: Displays green light when ready for shot
  • Wi-Fi LED: Displays light when Wi-Fi has successfully connected
  • Power LED: Displays light when power has been turned on
  • Power Button: On/Off Power switch for your SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • USB Port: Allows easy connection to your device in order to establish a Wi-Fi Connection

What is included with my SkyTrak?

  • SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start and Product & Safety Information Guides
  • Wall Charger
  • WGT Golf Software Access Card (If Purchased)


What is included with SkyTrak

    When you take your brand new SkyTrak out of the box, this is all you have to do to set it's so easy!

    Setting up your SkyTrak for the first time is as easy as 3 simple steps!

    1. Download the SkyTrak Mobile Software

    • Find the SkyTrak Software in the Apple App Store or download the SkyTrak PC application at

    2. Register your SkyTrak

    Your SkyTrak automatically includes a 30-day membership to play with your SkyTrak right away. This trial gives you access to the basic driving range and practice session settings. Once this trial reaches the 30-day expiration date, you will need to complete the registration process according to the instructions below:

    1. To register your SkyTrak, you will need to download the SkyTrak application to your iPad (for apple users) or download the SkyTrak application at (for PC users)
    2. Open the SkyTrak app and sign up for your SkyGolf username and password. 
    3. Your SkyTrak must be connected in Network Mode in order to complete the registration process
    4. Select the profile menu from the upper right corner
    5. Select about
    6. Select "Register Device" button
    7. Select "Yes, Register my Device"
    8. Select "Done" After receiving confirmation that your device has been successfully registered

    Note: Once SkyTrak has been connected with the software on your iPad, all 3 LED's will turn green and you will see the red laser dot appear on your desired hitting surface.

    3. Pair SkyTrak with your Device (iPad or PC)

    iPad Users:

    You can pair your SkyTrak to your iPad in one of two ways:

    1. Via a direct Wi-Fi connection
    2. Connection through your home network

    1. Direct Wi-Fi connection

    Follow the instructions in the SkyTrak software application to pair your iPad directly to SkyTrak via its Wi-Fi signal. Your iPad will NOT have an internet connection when connected in this manner. 

    2. Home Network Connection

    SkyTrak can use your Wi-Fi home network to pair with your iPad by connecting to your wireless network router, just like your computer and mobile devices do. SkyTrak will communicate with the software on your iPad through your router. Plus, you will retain access to the internet on your iPad.

    PC Users

    You can pair SkyTrak with PC in one of three ways:

    1. Via a direct Wi-Fi connection
    2. Via a direct USB cable connection
    3. Through your home network

    1. Direct Wi-Fi Connection on PC

    Click on the Wi-Fi signal icon on your PC and select SkyTrak from the drop-down menu, click connect.

    2. Direct USB Cable Connection

    Connect the micro USB cable to the SkyTrak device and a USB port on your PC

    3. Home Network Connection

    SkyTrak can use your Wi-Fi home network to pair with your PC by connecting to your wireless network router, just like your computer and mobile devices do. SkyTrak will communicate with the software on your PC through your router. Plus, you will retain access to the internet on your PC.

    Charging Your SkyTrak

    SkyTrak contains a Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 5 hours after being fully charged. Make sure to charge your SkyTrak for up to 6 hours prior to use!

    • Ensure your SkyTrak unit always has a good charge. If the SkyTrak Battery is fully drained, it can reduce the long-term life of the battery.
    • The SkyTrak may be connected to a PC via full USB to Micro USB cable (Included). This allows the computer to run a constant charge to the unit for all day use.

    Want to create the ultimate setup? This is how you connect your SkyTrak to a Projector!

    You are able to connect your SkyTrak to a projector in a few different ways depending on whether you are using an iPad or a PC:

    Connecting your SkyTrak to a Projector using an iPad

    1. Use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter with HDMI cable to connect your iPad directly to your TV or projector
    2. Use an Apple TV or another AirPlay capable device. On your iPad, open the Control Center and choose AirPlay. Then select Apple TV and the iPad display will be transferred to the TV or Projector

    Connection your SkyTrak to a Projector using a PC

    1. Use an HDMI cable to connect from your PC directly to your TV or Projector

    SkyTrak Setup Tips and FAQ's 

    Top Tips from the Experts

    • It is strongly recommended to hit off of a mat or hitting area that is meant for golf. If you intend to use a net, we recommend using a durable net that is designed to handle the speeds of full speed golf shots. 
    • SkyTrak is able to perform well in sunlight. If you are going to use in sunlight, try to avoid direct contact between the sun and the lens on your SkyTrak unit. If available, you may see better results hitting from a covered area
    • Use a cleaned, white golf ball with a logo or line of some kind in order to get optimal readings of the projected ball flight
    • If you are going to use SkyTrak outdoors, make sure to line up the unit to your desired target

    SkyTrak Setup Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much space is needed for SkyTrak?

    We recommend that you set up a minimum of a 10' x 10' room to allow for a safe amount of room to swing the club. We also recommend adequate ceiling height depending on your height, that allows you to freely swing a driver in that room. 

    Real golf balls can be used and should be used with your SkyTrak device. With this being said, always make sure keep a safe setup and safe distance from your net and use a golf mat and net that is designed specifically for the intended use. This is why we recommend our SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages which include quality nets and mats with the SkyTrak.

    Where do I place the golf ball with SkyTrak?

    SkyTrak has designed the simplest method of ball placement on the market today. Simply place the ball exactly where the red laser light is pointing and hit your shot, it's that easy! Please also make sure to follow these tips to ensure proper reading of your shot:

    • Make sure the SkyTrak is raised to be level with the hitting surface
    • Place the SkyTrak exactly parallel to your intended target
    • Use the recommended laser distance of 12" 
    • For optimal spin data readings, place the logo of the golf ball directly toward the SkyTrak Lens prior to hitting

    How do I care for my SkyTrak?

    • Always keep the lens clean and scratch free in order to protect the accuracy of the device
    • To clean the lens surface, use a damp cotton cloth without using any chemical cleaners
    • It is recommended that you purchase a Protective Case for your SkyTrak unit
    • Always wait for your SkyTrak to complete syncing before powering down the unit
    • Never expose your SkyTrak to extreme temperatures or wet conditions
    • Try to never drop your SkyTrak or hit it with a golf club or ball
    • Make sure you are aware of all of the compatible devices for use with your SkyTrak unit
    • Make sure the battery is fully charged prior to use

        What do the SkyTrak LED lights mean?

        Power LED Wi-Fi LED Ready LED Description
        Battery is low and SkyTrak is about to power down
        Direct Connect Mode and waiting for connection to your tablet
        Network Mode and is waiting for connection with the software on your tablet
        SkyTrak is fully connected to the application
        SkyTrak is ready for your next shot
        SkyTrak is charging



        If you have any other questions about your SkyTrak device, feel free to give us a call at 888-831-9489 or email us at


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        Want to take this guide with you? Download a PDF version of the SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor Setup Guide here.

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