SkyTrak vs Mevo+

SkyTrak vs Mevo+

SkyTrak vs FlightScope Mevo+

At last year's PGA Merchandise show (2020), FlightScope announced their new personal launch monitor - the Mevo+. FlightScope generated a fair amount of hype over the unit in the week leading up to the show and it seems to have delivered. Already the Mevo+ has received a lot of high praise and positive feedback since it's debut. Due to it's features, data points, and most importantly price, FlightScope's Mevo+ stands to be a direct competitor with SkyTrak. As such, there has been a lot of questions about how Mevo+ stacks up to SkyTrak. The team at Rain or Shine Golf had the pleasure of attending the event and getting a first glimpse into the Mevo+ launch monitor. In this article, we'll walk you through how these two launch monitors compare. 

SkyTrak vs Mevo+

SkyTrak Video Review

Mevo+ Video Review


SkyTrak Technology

Photometric camera technology that calculates your shot using high-speed images of your ball at impact.         

Mevo+ Technology

3D doppler radar that tracks ball flight and club metrics.

FlightScope has stuck with their signature 3D doppler radar technology for the Mevo Plus - the same technology that is used in all of FlightScope's launch monitors . This is a huge plus considering their premium tier launch monitor, the X3, costs about 8 times more than the Mevo+. The X3 does combine doppler radar with photometric technology for additional accuracy and data metrics. Nonetheless, the fact that you can now get this same, or extremely close, technology at an affordable price is a huge win for amateurs. 

Both technologies, however, are very trustworthy and are essentially the standard of today's launch monitors. Just about every top launch monitor on the market uses one of these two technologies.


These launch monitors are very similar in regards to the data they offer. Feel free to take a look at the data comparison chart to the right (below on mobile). Both units provide just about all the ball data you would ever need, as well as some additional club head metrics. But miss out on some more advanced club head metrics such as face angle and impact location. 

SkyTrak vs Mevo+ Data Points SkyTrak vs Mevo+ Features

Indoor Performance

Both units perform well indoors. However, SkyTrak is slightly better suited for indoor use due to the smaller amount of space required to use the unit. This is discussed further below. Other than that, both of these units should perform equally well indoors. FlightScope does recommend placing metallic stickers on the ball so that the Mevo+ unit can better capture your shot indoors. These are not required, but you will probably want to use them in order to get the best results. 

Outdoor Performance

The Mevo+ performs significantly better outdoors. This is a large benefit for anyone planning on taking their launch monitor out to the range frequently. In our experience with SkyTrak, it can struggle to pick up the ball outdoors, especially on a bright, sunny day. Although it is marketed as an indoor/outdoor launch monitor, we don't usually recommend it to those that place a high importance on outdoor use. Mevo+ still has some slight limitations and relies on a 'tracking window' to make it's calculations. It also uses weather data to assist in it's calculations. Like most launch monitors, it will probably spit out a wacky number every once in a while. But for the most part, the Mevo+ should be much better suited for outdoor use.

Space Needed

As mentioned above, SkyTrak is better suited for indoor use due to it's smaller space requirement. SkyTrak is placed in front of the ball and only requires a few feet of ball flight to capture the shot. You can use SkyTrak pretty much anywhere you have enough space to swing a golf club. With Mevo+, you will need a much larger space, most likely a garage or large basement, to use indoors. The unit needs to be placed 8' behind the ball and needs 8' of ball flight to accurately capture your shot. Therefore you will need 16' of depth to use Mevo+ indoors. This is, by far, the biggest downside to the Mevo+ launch monitor.  


Both SkyTrak and the Mevo+ rely on apps for data visualization as well as the various features they provide.

They both provide multiple ways to view your live shot data and session history. You can compile some really useful information such as average and total carry distances, or average shot dispersion with each club during a session. They display ball tracers and shot dispersion for an easy view of your live shot results. They also both have some sort of combine, or challenge feature in which you can test your skills against various skills challenges. 

As far as differences go, two big things stand out in favor of the Mevo+:

First, Mevo+ comes with a limited version of the E6 Connect software out of the box. This allows you to use Mevo+ as a golf simulator and play golf on 5 different courses. You also get access to 17 practice ranges and 1 game (golf darts). For golfers that want more courses and games, they can purchase a full E6 software subscription. Mevo+ is also compatible with The Golf Club. Furthermore, all the features and apps FlightScope Mevo+ provides comes standard with the purchase of a Mevo+. With SkyTrak, you must subscribe to their Game Improvement Plan ($99/yr) to get access to the various features and games they offer. On top of that, you must also purchase a golf simulation software subscription to play courses on your SkyTrak.

Secondly, Mevo+ gives you the ability to overlay swing video with swing data. You can set up your phone or tablet to record video of your range session. Mevo+ utilizes 'Automated Video Clipping' to capture a video of each swing so that you can analyze your swing, along with the data. This is a really cool feature that usually is reserved for units that cost a lot more than Mevo+.

On the video side of things, SkyTrak does offer an integration with Swing Catalyst. The software allows you to capture live video from a range of cameras. The video analysis suite is equipped with all imaginable drawing tools, slow motion playback, video overlay and side by side comparison. But it is an extra cost at $499/yr.

Overall, both units provide exceptional game-improvement and entertainment features for the money. However, the out-of-box golf simulation combined with video analysis really helps Mevo+ stand out.

Golf Simulation

Using these two launch monitors as a golf simulator is probably the coolest thing about them. As far as quality of golf simulation goes, both are fantastic systems for the price. Here is the low-down:

Both integrate with the best software available.

Both SkyTrak and Mevo+ integrate with The Golf Club 2019 and E6 Connect. Which are, by far, the two most popular golf simulation software providers in the industry. SkyTrak integrates with a few additional unique options like Fitness Golf (think peloton for golf) or ProTee Play (arcade style golf games). It also integrates with WGT, which is a great low-budget option for iOS users. But overall, you will have great golf simulation software choices with both.

Mevo+ can be finicky with putting

Due to the way Mevo+ tracks the ball, it tends to be a bit more delicate with putting. Here's why. SkyTrak measures the first few inches of "flight" and then calculates the result of the shot. Mevo+ measures the first 8 feet of the shot and calculates the shot. So for SkyTak, what happens to the ball after the ball leaves your mat doesn't matter. But with Mevo+ it does. So if you do not have a smooth surface all the way up to your hitting screen, Mevo+ can give some mis-reads on putts.

Mevo+ Comes with Free Golf Simulator Software

Mevo+ comes with a limited version of the E6 Connect software out of the box. Which gives you access to play 5 courses (limited to iOS). With SkyTrak you do not get this. If you are serious about using one of these systems as a full on golf simulator, then you will probably want to upgrade to a full version of either E6 Connect or TGC 2019 anyway. As you will get access to additional and better quality courses. But if your using one of these systems mostly as a launch monitor and want to enjoy a round every now and again, then having a free software out of the box is a big plus for Mevo+ (no pun intended).


The two biggest downsides to golf simulation with Mevo+ is delicate putting readings and a shorter battery life. But in return you will get more instantaneous shot readings as well as a golf simulation software out of the box!

Shot Delay

A small difference we have noticed initially between these two units relates to the time it takes to register a swing. Otherwise known as shot delay. With SkyTrak, it takes 2-3 seconds after impact for your shot to register in the app. With Mevo+, the data was showing up less than a second after impact. While this shouldn't be a deal breaker for those interested in SkyTrak, it is nice to have such instant feedback with the Mevo+. This difference will be more notable when playing simulator golf where you expect your shot to display upon impact.


The two biggest factors that could sway your decision on which one to get are: 1. Where you plan to use your launch monitor and 2. How much space you have (if you plan to use indoors). 

If you mostly use your launch monitor outdoors, then Mevo+ is the way to go. Its doppler radar is much more accurate for outdoor use. On the other hand, if you plan to use your launch monitor primarily indoors AND do not have a space in which you will have 16' of depth, then SkyTrak will be better suited for you. Due to SkyTrak's ability to be placed in-front of the ball, it requires almost half the space that Mevo+ requires.

If you are flexible on these two questions, then you'll have to make your decision strictly on features. When comparing these two launch monitors strictly on features, Mevo+ will probably come out on top for most golfers. It's out-of-the-box E6 Connect software is an awesome perk and the addition of video analysis is also huge for individuals wanting the best of game-improvement features. Just make sure you have an iOS device to run the version of E6 Connect that comes with Mevo+.

All in all, both launch monitors are outstanding game improvement tools. With the release of Mevo+, we are seeing a trend towards high-quality personal launch monitors becoming more and more attainable for amateur golfers. Now, amateurs are starting to get access to the same type of data and analysis that the pro's use every week! 

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