Best Golf Putting Greens - Top Indoor Putting Mats Of 2019
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Best Golf Putting Greens Of 2019

Best Indoor Putting Greens 2019

On any given round of golf, half of your shots are played on the green. There is no greater feeling than sinking a long difficult putt, and there is nothing worse than botching that three-footer. Like it or not putting is important! One of the best ways to lower the numbers on your scorecard is to double down on the time you spend improving your short game.

There are a number of putting greens available on the market today that give you the ability to practice your putting from the comfort of your own home. Home putting greens are a fun and convenient way to play golf all year round, night or day. There are a lot of putting green options out there, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. So whether you want a small portable mat you can take with you anywhere, or want to transform your backyard or garage into a putting oasis, we’ve got you covered.

Best Putting Greens

Best Selling Putting Green

Big Moss Country Club Putting Green

Perfect for basements, patios or decks, the Big Moss Country Club 6x10 or 6x12 Putting and Chipping Green is a favorite for Rain Or Shine Golf customers. It comes with 3 regulation cups strategically spread around the edges of the mat, giving you a number of challenging and fun putting options. A 3” reduced hole sits in the center of the mat so that you can practice your tempo and accuracy. This green is configured to have natural breaks when putting cross grain, but when adding Break Snakes the possibilities are endless. So whether you are putting or pitching, you’ll experience a realistic check and roll, with every shot.

Who it’s best for:
Golfers who want a more dynamic putting experience and have enough space to accommodate this size of putting green.

Best Small Affordable Putting Green

Big Moss TW Putting Green

If you’re looking to improve your accuracy and gain better distance control without shelling out a ton of dough, the Big Moss TW Series is where it’s at. This high quality putting green is conveniently sized with 2' x 10', 2' x 12', or 2' x 15' options. The Big Moss TW Series is designed to fit just about any space in your home. With a cup on either side of the putting green, the TW allows you to practice putting with and against the grain so you can gain better control of your speed and improve your short game.

Who it’s best for:
Players who want to practice their speed and distance control on an extremely portable and low-cost green.

Best Midsize Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Links 4 x 8 Putting Green

Larger putting greens allow you to stand on the same level as your ball and creates a more realistic putting experience. The Fiberbuilt 4' x 8' Putting Green is the perfect way to practice your short game in a way that is sure to translate to lower scores on the course. Experience soft realistic turf feel underfoot and true roll with this premium putting mat. At 4’ wide, golfers can use their normal putting stance without feeling cramped or changing their form. So if you are wanting a premium putting area, that offers high-quality performance both indoors and out, the Fiberbuilt Links 4 x 8 Putting Green is our choice for the best mid-sized mat.

Who it is best for:
Golfers who want to practice at home with a moderate amount of space and want high quality and a more realistic feel.

Best Large Putting Green

Tour Links 14 x 20 Putting Greens

If you are looking to transform your basement or backyard into your own private golf practice area the Tour Links Professional Series Touring Green is the best in the business. This professional grade putting mat helps you fine-tune your short game with six different holes spaced around its luxurious “Ultraturf” putting surface. From critical 3 footers up to the difficult mid-range double-breakers, this premium golf green provides the ultimate putting experience. Whether you want to use your Professional Series Green to fill an outdoor space, or you want to deck out a large basement or rec room, the ultra high-quality nylon turf will hold up to the harshest elements for years and comes with an unbeatable 10 Year Warranty.

Who it is best for:
Serious golfers who want the ultimate putting practice area and have ample space.

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Big Moss Country Club Putting Green

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Big Moss TW Two Way Series Putting Green

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Fiberbuilt 4' x 8' Putting Green

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