Best Golf Putting Greens In 2024

On any given round of golf, half of your shots are played on the green. There is no greater feeling than sinking a long difficult putt, and there is nothing worse than botching that three-footer. Like it or not, putting is important! One of the best ways to lower the numbers on your scorecard is to double down on the time you spend improving your short game. Thats why we bring you the...

Best Indoor Putting Greens 2023

There are a number of putting greens available on the market today that give you the ability to practice your putting from the comfort of your own home. Home putting greens are a fun and convenient way to play golf all year round, night or day. Honestly, its a big reason why this business exists! There are a lot of putting green options out there, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. So whether you want a small portable mat you can take with you anywhere, or want to transform your backyard or garage into a putting oasis, we’ve got you covered.

Best Value Indoor Putting Green

Perfect Practice Putting Mat - Rain or Shine Golf

(5 Star) Rated By Our Satisfied Customers

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Starting From $139

Practice creates habit, not perfection. Practicing perfectly is what’s needed to attain perfection and Perfect Practice is exactly that. A PGA Tour trusted training aid that allows players to hone their putting skills for straight putts. Practice at home, in the office, in the garage, the possibilities are endless with Perfect Practice.

  • Low-cost
  • Portable, lightweight construction
  • Excellent visualization tools
  • Two different sized holes
  • Auto-ball return
  • Thin putting surface will break if your floor is not level
  • 1-year warranty

Best Indoor / Outdoor Premium Putting Green

Tour Links 8' x 12' Premium Putting Green - Rain or Shine Golf

(5 Star) Rated By Our Satisfied Customers

Tour Links 8' x 12' Premium Putting Green

Starting From $1,999

When it comes to putting greens most practice surfaces simply aren’t tough enough to withstand extended exposure to the elements but Tour Links is the exception to the rule. With 3 holes to utilize and a surface that replicates the practice green one would find at their local golf course, the Tour Links 8x12 will help perfect putts from 12 or less feet better than the rest.

  • Drainage for outdoor use
  • Interlocking base panels
  • 3 regulation holes
  • Rolls at 11 on stimpmeter
  • Contour pads to create break.
  • Not portable
  • Heavyweight

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Best Large Putting Mat

Big Moss Country Club Putting Green V2 - Rain or Shine Golf

(5 Star) Rated By Our Satisfied Customers

Big Moss Country Club Putting Green V2

Starting From $489

The ultimate training tool for golfers who want to bring the experience of a real golf course into their home or office. This premium putting green is designed to provide an ultra-realistic and challenging putting surface that will help you improve your skills and lower your scores.

  • Large 6' width
  • Built-in Foam underlay
  • 4 holes with 1 mini cup
  • Included contour pads for break addition
  • Foam base is not weather proof
  • Attracts dust, need to vacuum frequently

Best Interactive Putting Simulator

PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green - Rain or Shine Golf

(5 Star) Rated By Our Satisfied Customers

PuttView P7 Indoor Putting Green

Starting From $11,980

Who it’s best for: Golfers who want to not only improve their putting game, but do so in an interactive experience that has something for golfers of all skill levels.

  • Incredibly immersive experience
  • Great interactive games
  • Projection powdered ball tracer
  • Real time virtual brake reading
  • Built in touch-screen display
  • Price
  • Size restricted to 6'x10' only

Commonly Asked Questions About Putting Greens

How Do the green speeds compare to real greens?

Most 1/4" pile height turf will roll at a 10 on the stimpmeter, comparing a little slower than tour greens but similar to most high quality country clubs around the country.

Can Turf Be left outside?

Yes, most turf have drainage holes in the backing so unless there is a foam underlay, you can use turf outdoors. We still recommend bringing turf inside when not in use just to limit exposure to extreme. weather conditions to help with longevity.

What is the best putting green for my home

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