Best 62 Golf Blogs and Articles We Love and Recommend

Golf has a reputation for being a rich man’s sport and a classic networking avenue. However, it’s much more than this. It’s an impressive sport that requires the highest level of mental stamina. It's slow progress might seem like a stretch, but that is what heightens the fans’ anticipation. This year’s US Open final round recorded an average total audience delivery (TAD) of 4.72 million domestic views on NBC.

We’ve rounded up the top golf blogs and articles so you can get the latest updates, learn more about the game, and engage with fellow golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Updates and Insights

Golf Now Blog 

Golf Now's blog hub, The Daily Tee, has an expansive library of interesting golf articles on latest events, the best golf clubs and courses, membership opportunities, and other posts every golfer will love.


Golf Town Blog

Get a wealth of insights on Golf Town Blog's archive on the latest equipment, pro tips from renowned players, best apparel, events, and golf news.


The GOLFTEC Scramble

The Scramble is GOLFTEC's dedicated resource page on recent golf news, tutorials, product reviews, and commentaries to help every golfer swing their winning shot. 



Home of The Golf Podcast, Golficity lets you in on trending stories, headlines, best practices, equipment recommendations, and weekly fantasy golf predictions.


No Laying Up

What started as a golf Twitter account ultimately grew into a big golf brand garnering major partnerships since the blog site launched in 2014. No Laying Up now has a wide range on everything about golf, along with a popular podcast of the same name.


Haggin Oaks

The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento is a city-favorite golf course with two championship golf courses, excellent training facilities, private programs, and other first-class amenities. Its blog site features the best equipment in its shop, stories, events, and golf tips.


The All Square Golf Blog

All Square Golf is a social media network and marketplace dedicated to the golfing community worldwide. The blog covers travel, equipment, community updates, tips, and the latest pro tours any golfer will find valuable and exciting.


The Sand Trap

In-depth reviews, hot takes, discussions, and updates — The Sand Trap provides the most gripping and thought-provoking posts surrounding the golf scene.


Geoff Shackelford

Geoff Shackelford started his blog in 2003 to discuss various topics in his books on the state of golf and course design. His page now explores commentaries and issues about the game, including the recent Twitter catastrophe and its impact on the golf audience and media relying on the platform.


Golf Blogger

The place for any golf fan! Golf Blogger features daily posts on Michigan golf course reviews and news, lifestyle, history, equipment, and other golf-related topics.


Golf Business Monitor

Golf Business Monitor spotlights business trends in the golf industry, highlighting topics such as golf club management and marketing, equipment, and tourism.


Skilled Golf 

Skilled Golf is a golf beginner's haven. It offers guides and resources to help you get your footing, such as choosing the best club and knowing the proper grip. 


Hooked On Golf Blog

Hooked on Gold Blog (HOG) has definitely earned its place among the best golf blogs. The blog was created by Tony Krisologos in 2004 and is one of the earliest golf blogs to go live. Here you'll find over 5,000 posts featuring his personal take on equipment and course reviews, tournament news, and more.


Meghan MacLaren 

Meghan MacLaren is an English golfer and a three-time winner of the Ladies European Tour. Besides her decorated pro career, she's also an excellent writer. Her blog narrates her personal experiences, challenges, reflections, and musings, which are guaranteed to let you learn a thing or two.


Red Birdie Golf Blog 

Red Birdie Golf focuses on aiding beginner and intermediate golfers to get a good grasp of the game and to introduce them to the best gear to enhance their performance. The page's blog has instructional reviews and random riveting topics about golf.


Costa Blanca Green Fee Services Golfing Blog 

Costa Blanca Green Fee Services' blog page introduces you to top golfing destinations, events, and business updates. It also gives announcements of discount deals that its column readers can claim and enjoy.


The Grateful Golfer

When Jim Burton's Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma returned in 2018, he found golf's healing powers as the sport accompanied him in his recovery. Through his blog, The Grateful Golfer, he shares golf's positive impact by posting tips, drills, infographics, and even personal musings about the game.


Golfing Herald

The Golfing Herald blog's archives include some of the most engaging and helpful golf articles. It features book reviews, pro interviews, guides, and other topics.


Fantasy Golf Insider

Fantasy Golf Insider is the leading information source on fantasy golf, a game where participants put together a virtual lineup of pro golf players. The blog provides content on the ins and outs of the game, including strategies, player selections, and forecasts.



Dedicated to its mission of helping golfers fine-tune their skills and enjoy the game, TopRankGolf has what every golf player needs, from fundamental instructions for beginners to insights on building up winning strategies.


Golf Drug Rehab Blog 

Golf Drug Rehab is Capo By The Sea's all-inclusive golf treatment and recovery program for patients struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis conditions. Their blog provides resources to better understand different addiction types and how golf can be part of your journey to sobriety.


Glass Houses

In Glass Houses, Mike Glasscott blogs about tour updates, game previews, lineup picks by experts, statistics, and everything about fantasy golf. He's also a golf writer for PGA Tour and a broadcaster at WGCL Bloomington.


One Bearded Golfer

David Hill's One Bearded Golfer site is not your ordinary golf blog. While the page contains the usual golf course directory, golf lessons, and equipment reviews, the blog also has a series of hilarious takes on the official USGA Rules of Golf as well as Hill's numerous rants, golf-related or otherwise.


GolfToons Blog

GolfToons presents original golf cartoon illustrations by Marty Glass and Michael Duranko. Each illustration comes with a brief golf commentary or anecdote that you can find in their website's blog section.


Bend Oregon Golf Blog 

Improve your game and score that coveted ace! Bend Oregon Golf Blog provides you with tips to enhance your technique and to enjoy the game.


Mel Sole Golf School Blog

Join weekly quizzes on golf rules and etiquette, read golf instructions, and access free golf lesson videos. Mel Sole Golf School Blog has everything you need to learn the golf basics and improve your game.


Digital Golf Magazines


Golf Digest

Golf Digest is a monthly print and digital magazine published under Warner Bros. Discovery on competitive and leisure golf. Its online counterpart covers the latest golf news and posts, engaging millions of golfers and golf fans around the globe.


GOLF lets you in on the latest updates, leaderboards, newest gears, top courses, tournaments, and more. It's also a top monthly golf magazine that has been in circulation since 1959.


Golf Monthly

Hailed as the world's oldest golf publication, Golf Monthly is among the leading multimedia platforms featuring the latest golf news, expert purchase advice, tips from top coaches, professional tour updates, and more.


Global Golf Post

Global Golf Post is a digital golf magazine publishing two editions weekly: the US and the international editions. They live by "informed golf journalism" practice, providing trusted news, stories, and analysis to their global audience. Their paid subscription GGP+ delivers ad-free and premium content five days a week.




My Golf Spy

My Golf Spy is every golfer's go-to space for impartial and trusted reviews on all golf gear. True to their mission of helping golf consumers make the most of their time, money, and performance, they do meticulously independent tests on different products and leave detailed and honest reviews.


Independent Golf Reviews

Independent Golf Reviews tests and offers unbiased opinions on whether certain golf items are worth your purchase and provides better insights about how each equipment works.


Golfers Authority 

Golfers Authority has over 600 golf product reviews, buying guides, and practical game advice for all golfer enthusiasts working on advancing their game.


Niche Golf 

Niche Golf tests, tries, and reviews one-of-a-kind and interesting golf products that you'll soon be adding to your cart. The blog also lists must-visit golf courses.


Tee Precision 

Find every golf product review you'll ever need here! Tee Precision will save you from uncertain buying decisions and post-purchase regrets with guides and reviews on all golf accessories and equipment.


Golf Reviews Guide

Golf Reviews Guide is another trusted resource to visit to read reviews on the latest golf equipment, golf courses worldwide, golf travels, and tour news. Their What's In The Bag segment gives you a peek into what the world's leading players use when on tour.


Mini Golf Reviews 

Mini Golf Reviews lets you into all things mini golf. Karl Barth, a.k.a Mr. Mini Golf, introduces you to mini golf courses across the states and mini golf mobile games, events, and matchups.


Golfers Gear

Golfers Gear provides you with reviews on the newest gold equipment from the leading brands in the market. Whether you want to find an accessory within your budget, check the latest releases, or learn game tips, the blog site has you covered.


Tiger Golf Traveler

Tiger Golf Traveler's blog aims to explore the top 100 US golf courses. The blog shares course reviews and the blogger's favorites in different categories, such as the best conditioned course and the most interesting greens. This is the place to go if you're looking for your next golf travel stop. rates and reviews golf courses from around the world. You'll also find reviews from people who have already visited the place. It's a trusted resource to inspire your next golf trip.


The Best Public Golf Courses 

This is where you'll find the best public courses and golf resorts in the US. The Best Public Golf Courses is your go-to directory for golf places open for public play. You'll find everything you need to know about each golf site, including rates, contact information, slope reviews, etc.


Worldgolfer's Golf Course Reviews

Read Worldgolfer's personal reviews of over 180 golf courses the blogger has played on over the years.




Women & Golf

Women and Golf give you unlimited access to all updates happening in women's golf with an annual subscription to become a member of The Woman and Golf Members' Club. The subscription also includes a long list of perks, including travel discounts to golf courses, instruction videos, and more.


The Social Golfer 

The Social Golfer is an online community for golfers to connect with peers, join local games, and participate in nearby golf events. The website blog provides numerous resources and articles on the latest golf news and relevant golf subjects.


Ligonier Country Club Blog

The Ligonier Country Club Blog publishes regular updates on the club's important events, match results, championship winners, and pro tips addressed to its members.


Training Resources


Andrew Rice Golf 

Andre Rice has over 25 years of golf teaching experience and was named among Golf Digest's 50 Top Teachers in America in 2019. His blog has a wealth of practical and instructional golf tips to enjoy and perform your best.


Joey D Golf Fitness Blog

Every decorated golfer has undergone an extensive training program to get their body and head in the best condition. Joey D Golf Fitness Blog covers workout routines, trainer introductions, proper posture, and other related topics.


Golf Workout Program

Check out Golf Workout Program's articles on all golf-relevant subjects, including product reviews, golf trends, insights, and recommendations.


Elite Coaching Golf Blog

Accelerate your progress with Elite Coaching Golf Blog's resources to facilitate learning, motivate hard work, overcome challenges, and more for golf players across all levels. 


NY Golf Fitness Guru Blog 

NY Golf Fitness Guru offers golf fitness evaluation training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to golf players looking to achieve their full potential and score their best. The website's blog site posts include insights training, equipment maintenance, local event updates, and more.


YOUR Swing Support Center - GOLFSTR

Your Swing Support Center is GOLFSTR's blog containing pro tips and success stories on improving your swing, sharpening your strategy, and becoming the best in the game.


Best Blog Articles


3 Tips on Buying the Best Golf Club - Gulf Shores

Bring your A-game with the best equipment at hand. Whether it's your first time hitting the course or you’re looking for a better set to improve your swing, here are the best tips for picking up the best golf club.


The Best Golf Courses to Play this Summer - Opal Collection

Getting ready for tee time under the heat? Take a look at the best-recommended golf courses across the states to plan your spring or summer golf game, plus tips on booking the ideal tee time to hit the green.


The Best Way To Learn Golf - Skillest Blog

New to the game? Here's a comprehensive guide to help you know where to start playing (it doesn't have to be at a fancy golf course right away), how to get better, and where to seek lessons to further your skill.


The Best Tips and Tricks for Golfing in the Mountains - Discover Vail

Mountain golfing grants you the best views and will make your elevated golf trip worthwhile. Here are a few tips to help relish the experience better and to better prepare for the game.


What's the Best Way to Practice Golf? - Falcon's Fire Golf Club

Despite its reputation, golf is more than just a "rich man's game." It takes immense skill to enjoy it with impressive marks and to achieve competitive success should you choose the pro route. Here are tips to help you practice and win your round in the next game.


The BEST Golf Tip You'll Ever Hear... - Rotary Swing

Here's something you'll want to learn about golf as an industry and a beloved sport. Read an episode transcript of “Rotary Swing Golf Instruction” by Chuck Quinton.


Your Best Summer of Golf Ever! - Golf Made Simple

Hit the greens and have a memorable golfing summer. Here’s an oath to help you commit to a plan, focus on your areas of improvement, and have the best fun while working on your swing.


10 Best Swing Tips That Work - Deemples Golf

While not all can emulate Tiger Woods's all-time best swing sequences, there are best ways to step up your club game. Here are tips to help you execute that powerful winning swing.


The Best Golf Swing Tip - All Things Golf 

Learn "the best swing tip ever " from golf legend Johnny Miller in this instructional video.


The Best Golf Books for Summer Reading - The Great Golf Blog

Looking for a golf summer read to accompany your golf trips? The article has awesome title selections on golf's historical origins, lessons from the legends, golf psychology to strengthen your mental game, funny golf books for a good laugh, and coffee table books to inspire conversations.


5 Best Blogs To Quickly Improve Your Golf Game - Gryyny Official

To extend our list, here are golfer-certified top blogs with guaranteed tips to help you sharpen your skill, advance your progress, and take the next win.


Swing to Win

Golf is for all. It attracts an estimated 450 million fans worldwide. It’s fun to learn and has amazing health benefits. Whether you’re going the pro route or just love to hit the course, this list is for you. Check them out today!

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