Golf Simulators for your School or University

Maximize your teams practice experience with a SkyTrak Golf Simulator from Rain or Shine Golf. Get advanced shot tracking and the data you need to help your athletes fine-tune their skills. The SkyTrak gives you accuracy comparable to professional and commercial launch monitors that are 5-10x the price.

Our Golf Simulator Packages combine all of the best Simulator components into an all-in-one solution to make your job easier, so you can spend less time shopping and more time focusing on the success of your team. The SkyTrak Golf Simulator package is the best investment a school or University can make to help their athletes succeed.

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If you don't have the budget for one of our three premium tier options, you are still in luck. While the SwingBay and Retractable Bays provide more realism, some of us just want to swing a golf club anytime we want. Or maybe you just don't have the space for a big hitting bay? Luckily, you can get all the same value out of your practice sessions with our collection of amazing launch monitors, paired with our net and mat practice studio.