Golf Simulators for your School or University

Golf Simulators for your School or University

Golf Simulator Packages For School & University Teams

Maximize your teams practice experience with a SkyTrak Golf Simulator from Rain or Shine Golf. Get advanced shot tracking and the data you need to help your athletes fine-tune their skills. The SkyTrak gives you accuracy comparable to professional and commercial launch monitors that are 5-10x the price.

Our Golf Simulator Packages combine all of the best Simulator components into an all-in-one solution to make your job easier, so you can spend less time shopping and more time focusing on the success of your team. The SkyTrak Golf Simulator package is the best investment a school or University can make to help their athletes succeed.


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SkyTrak SwingBay

Dollar for dollar, the SkyTrak SwingBay is the top indoor golf simulator for athletic training use out there. This golf simulator package starts with the 2018 best value golf simulator (as voted by Golf Digest), the SkyTrak Launch Monitor.

The SwingBay Package also includes the SwingBay Simulator Screen and Enclosure, which is specifically designed for Full Screen projection. On top of this, you get your choice of either the Country Club Elite or the Fiberbuilt golf mat, these incredible hitting mats provide the perfect balance of durability and forgiveness.

With the realism, accuracy, and challenging gameplay options of the SkyTrak combined with the ease of setup, your team will be in good hands with the SkyTrak SwingBay starting at $7,799 and only found at Rain or Shine Golf.

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SkyTrak Platinum Package

The SkyTrak Compact is an ideal candidate for Schools or Universities that have limited space but still want the best simulation available. This package is the perfect way to bring advanced tracking to your team and start seeing instant improvements!

The Compact series is one of our most popular SkyTrak Simulator packages. We've combined the SkyTrak Launch monitor with a compact and easy to assemble simulator screen that is the perfect size for compact spaces, making it one of the best and most affordable options on the market. This package is ideal for golfers of all kinds. Checkout the SkyTrak Compact Package, an exclusive from Rain or Shine Golf.

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SkyTrak Retractable HomeCourse Simulator

The SkyTrak Retractable uses the HomeCourse Retractable Golf Screen, which provides a perfect space saving solution for Schools that use flex spaces like gyms or conference rooms. The HomeCourse Screen comes with a ceiling and wall mounting kit allowing you to mount your golf simulator screen to the ceiling or wall.

When you're not using the simulator, you can simply retract your screen with the push of a button. All you'd have to do is move your golf mat out of the way and you can use the space for any other activities.

The convenience of being able to store your golf simulator away when not in use makes the SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package the best golf simulator for flex spaces.

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SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator

The SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator Package allows your team to play golf all year long without breaking the bank! The budget package combines the Pro Series Golf Net with the Pro Series Golf Simulator Screen, giving you a versatile and affordable golf simulator package for your School or University! 

The Pro Series Screen allows you to turn your Pro Series Golf Net into a Golf Simulator by simply attaching the screen to the top of the net. Move from golf simulator mode to general practice with your return net within seconds. Your athletes can practice their game, lower their scores, or spend time working on the fundamentals.

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SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package

Help your team grow and improve with the budget friendly SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package. We've combined the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with SwingNet, to bring you a simple yet effective training zone for your team.

SwingNet is a low profile and easy-to-assemble golf hitting net solution with an incredibly small footprint, making it easy to move and pack away when needed! You can be set up with your own portable team golf simulator package within minutes following the simple step by step instructions provided with each product. With the lightweight design of this net setup paired the convenience and portability of the SkyTrak, your team can golf inside or outside, all year long with the SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package!

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What's Included In All of Our SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages

Piecing together your SkyTrak golf simulator package can be overwhelming and can lead to costly mistakes. We've done the hard work and have found the key essentials to include in every one of our SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages. Every piece of the puzzle - from the launch monitor, software options, hitting mats, projectors, and more - have been tried and tested at Rain or Shine Golf Headquarters to help you find high-quality components, at an affordable price.

SkyTrak Collection Includes

 Choice of Simulator Bay

If you don't have the budget for one of our three premium tier options, you are still in luck. While the SwingBay, Compact, and Retractable Bays provide more realism, some of us just want to swing a golf club anytime we want. Or maybe you just don't have the space for a big hitting bay? Luckily, you can get all the same value out of your practice sessions with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with our SkyTrak Practice and Budget Packages - both for under $5,000.

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Practice Golf Simulator Package

Price: $3,399

Minimum Room Size:
8' High x 10' Wide x 12' Deep

  • Best for those using a TV, iPad or PC instead of a Projector & Screen
  • Includes SkyTrak, Pro Series V2 Golf Net & 6' x 10' Pro Turf Mat

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SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator Package

 SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator

Price: $4,699

Minimum Room Size:
8' High x 10' Wide x 12' Deep

  • The most affordable all-in-one Simulator Package available for SkyTrak
  • Includes everything in the Practice Package PLUS the Pro Series Impact Screen, HD Projector & Ceiling Mount 
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