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SkyTrak Golf Review 2020

SkyTrak Reviews 2020

Launch monitors and golf simulators can be a difficult product category to wrap your head around at times.

The technology varies, the price ranges are all over the spectrum, and you find yourself scratching your head trying to decide what decision will work best for your game.

There has traditionally been a few tiers of products ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars all the way up to an excess of $30k and the accuracy and quality of these devices range just as much.

What the golf industry really needed was a product that could bridge the gap between the few hundred dollar tier products and the $20k+ products.

This is where SkyTrak comes in.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

This groundbreaking launch monitor has been the first to successfully bridge the gap by achieving every ounce of quality and accuracy, all while maintaining the extremely competitive SkyTrak price point of under $2,000.

Not only has SkyTrak brought a high quality and AFFORDABLE simulator to consumers, but it has also given consumers to bundle products to create their very own SkyTrak home golf simulator simply by adding any combination of nets, mats, screens, projectors, etc.

Traditionally, golfers would expect to easily be well above $10k for their very own simulator in their own home, but Skytrack package prices are easily maintained at an affordable price point of $3k - $6k.

As you can see, if you are looking for an amazing value from an accurate launch monitor providing every metric relating to your ball flight, Skytrak is a no-brainer.

Once you decide to make the jump to this excellent product, you may now find yourself wondering what the best golf simulator software would be to pair with your SkyTrak.

Since SkyTrak is a device used for capturing the ball flight of your shot, you technically still need to pair this with software that is able to process this information into a user-friendly format and allow you to view your results.

skytrak golf simulator reviews

skytrak golf simulator review

The great news is, SkyTrak simulator software has been developed to very easily download from your iPad, wirelessly connect to your SkyTrak launch monitor, and display both the metrics relating to your ball flight as well as a shot tracer technology just like you see on TV.

 There you have it. From the accuracy, affordability, and excellent golf simulator software pairing options, it is easy to see why SkyTrak has been voted the Best Value Golf Simulator by Golf Digest two years running. Time and time again we hear that SkyTrak is the best investment our customers have ever made in their golf game. You do not want to miss out on this revolutionary product.

- Shawn Foley

Owner at Rain or Shine Golf

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