Best Golf Simulator Software Comparison Guide For SkyTrak


Golf Simulator Software Guide for SkyTrak

Golf Simulator Software Comparison Guide for SkyTrak

As the #1 SkyTrak Golf Simulator Package Dealer, we get asked all the time, "What is the best golf simulator software for Skytrak?".  While the SkyTrak Launch Monitor comes with a very well designed Basic Driving Range Software Mode right out of the box, one of our favorite capabilities of the SkyTrak is its integration with multiple golf simulator software providers. This is one of the many reasons why SkyTrak was voted the Best Value Golf Simulator by Golf Digest two years running. So our golf simulator experts at Rain or Shine Golf put together a comprehensive guide to understand what golf simulator software is right for you, and what system requirements you need to get things up and running. We will cover the three most popular SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software options - WGT, E6 Golf Connect, and The Golf Club 2019. Plus we will briefly review SkyTrak's alternative golf simulator software options Creative Golf 3D, Fitness Golf, and ProTee Play.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide - Overview

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Comparison

If you want the lowest cost option, have an iPad, and do not need multi-player functionality we recommend starting off with WGT. To purchase, go to our SkyTrak Launch Monitor page and select the Tee Off (WGT) Simulator Software Package prior to checkout.

If you have a PC, desire multi-player, and are willing to spend a bit more, we recommend either TGC 2019 or e6Golf. For an $895 one-time payment or $479 annually, TGC 2019 is a great value for a larger course library and the design your own course feature. With E6 Connect, you can pay a one-time $2,500 fee or $300 annually. You will get more skills challenges and mini-games than TGC2019 but less courses. We’d say TGC2019 is a better value if you go the one-time payment route while e6Golf is likely a better value if you want to go with annual payments. But, you truly cannot go wrong either way.

To get set up with TGC2019 or e6Golf with SkyTrak, purchase the SkyTrak Launch Monitor with the Game Improvement Software from our website to ensure you get our lifetime customer support at Rain or Shine Golf. After purchase, you may find and purchase the TGC2019 or e6Golf software from SkyTrak’s website.

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SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide - Feature Comparison

WGT Golf Simulator Software for SkyTrak

WGT Features

WGT focuses mainly on standard stroke play format with driving range and closest to the pin features. As such, it is slightly behind in the feature category with very few additional 'fun' game features that are found on the other software options.  WGT does provide helpful game-play settings such as multiple tee boxes, pin locations, green speeds, and wind conditions. The main limitations include iPad only compatibility and 1-player only gameplay.

Notable Features:

  • Driving Range
  • Closest to the pin challenges

Notable Missing Features:

  • Multiplayer
  • Extra games and skills challenges
  • Windows compatibility 

E6 Connect Features

E6 carries the most game modes out of the three software options. With over 40 multiplayer formats to choose from stroke play to wolf (my favorite!), you will always have something new to play against your friends.  E6 also does a great job appealing to different skill levels with features such as variable gimmie ranges, course conditions, boost mode (hits the ball further), and the ability to change tees. Like most of the software options, you have the ability to adjust gameplay settings such as variable pin positions, green firmness and speed, wind, and camera options. You can even change your putting settings to show the elevation change and break line of your putt. E6 provides a solid practice area where you can hit shots on the driving range or choose a hole to practice chipping and putting.

Notable Features:

  • Skills Challenges
  • Multiple Game Play Formats
  • Multiplayer

Notable Missing Features:

  • None


The Golf Club 2019 Features

The Golf Club 2019 fits right into the middle of the pack when it comes to game features and game modes. There is a pretty standard array of multiplayer and online game modes, with the most popular being the simultaneous online multiplayer function that allows all 4 players connected to the group to hit at the same time. This option also hosts online tournaments/events. The coolest feature which is unique to The Golf Club 2019 is the ability to create your own course. 

Notable Features:

  • Design your own course
  • Online Events
  • Multiplayer

Notable Missing Features:

  • Mini Games
  • No iOS compatibility

The Golf Club 2019 Create Course Feature

Overall, all software options have enough features to keep most people satisfied. WGT has most of the course-play features you would want but doesn’t have as many 'entertainment' features as the other options.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide - Course Selection

WGT Course Selection

WGT has one of the smaller selections of golf courses available at 18 courses.  However, the courses are arguably the best, or most famous. Some of the most notable courses include Pebble Beach, Olympic Club, St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, Pinehurst #2, and Chambers Bay.

E6 Connect Course Selection

E6 Connect for SkyTrak comes with 15 courses if you are using with iOS (iPhone or iPad), and 27 if using with a PC. Expansion packs are available if you'd like  to purchase additional golf courses.  The golf course quality in E6 Connect is top notch and pretty spot on to real life.  Some of the most notable courses include Pinehurst #8, Latrobe Country Club, and Troon North.

The Golf Club 2019 Course Selection

Course selection with The Golf Club 2019 is simply unmatched. With 100,000 premium and user designed courses, no other option even comes close. This strength of a huge course selection is also a weakness at times. With dozens of user-designed replicas of courses with the same name, some players might find it difficult to find the most accurate courses of the bunch.


 e6 Golf Course Selection

Overall WGT and E6 Golf Connect provide the most well known golf courses and The Golf Club 2019 provides the largest quantity of golf courses.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide - Graphics

WGT Graphics

WGT Golf has rock solid graphics with a 'photo-realistic' appearance. And when we say 'photo realistic' we mean it. Each shot looks more like you are watching golf coverage on tv rather than playing a video game.  WGT does fall a bit behind in the camera angle department by lacking multiple camera angle options and other camera features such as hole fly-overs. 

E6 Connect Graphics

Although E6 has been a top player in this industry for years, they have started to lag behind a bit in terms of overall graphics. The graphics display still has a high quality, realistic look, but some of the other software options have caught up to E6. This is, however, a very close category to judge since all options are of strong HD graphics quality.

The Golf Club 2019 Graphics

The Golf Club definitely stands out due to an Ultra HD 4K graphics display. You will think you are on the actual golf course when playing a round with this stunningly lifelike visual presentation. Skip ahead to 1:00 min mark in the video below to get a good idea of the graphics with The Golf Club software.

The Golf Club Graphics

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide - System Requirements

A major difference between the golf simulator software available to SkyTrak users is the system requirements. WGT can only be run on iPad while E6 Golf and The Golf Club 2019 can only be run on PC. Here are the minimum system requirements for each software:

SkyTrak Alternative Golf Simulator Options

Creative Golf 3D

Creative Golf 3D is a golf simulator software that features full course play, skills challenges, games, and online events.  Course play is pretty standard compared to other software options. Where Creative Golf 3D stands apart is with it's unique and fun game features. There are many unique games that Creative Golf 3D offers.  Notable games include a window smashing game, mini golf, fairytale golf course (for kids), and island target practice. The software contains 5 courses out of the box with the option to purchase up to around 100 additional courses. Almost all of the courses in Creative Golf 3D are located in Europe.  Although the courses are all high quality and very realistic, most of the courses are unfamiliar to the average US golfer.  If you are into the entertainment side of golf simulation, this may be a good option for you. 

Notable Features:

  • Unique Mini Games
  • Skills Challenges
  • Multiplayer

Notable Missing Features:

  • No iOS compatibility

Creative Golf 3D can be purchased for $499.95 or $199.95/yr. You also need to be subscribed to SkyTrak's Game Improvement Plan ($99/yr).

Creative Golf 3D Features

Fitness Golf

Fitness Golf is a unique golf simulator option for golfers wanting to include fitness and exercise into their golf simulator experience. It combines full course play with the option to walk, run, or bike between shots.  To run or walk, simply attach a fob sensor to your shoe that tracks your running/walking speed. To bike, you use a bike sensor that can be attached to any stationary bike.  In the end your score is a combination of your golf score and total time taken to compete the round.  Fitness Golf also enables you to play in golf only mode or fitness only mode.

The course selection is fairly good with courses such as PGA National, Chambers Bay, Pebble Beach and even Augusta. However, the course quality/graphics are fairly sub par compared to the other simulator options.

Fitness Golf can be purchased for $399.95. You also need to be subscribed to SkyTrak's Game Improvement Plan ($99/yr).

ProTee Play 

ProTee Play is another unique golf simulator option for SkyTrak that is geared towards gaming.  There is no full course play in ProTee play, just entertainment games.  Some of the games include: Zombie Golf - a game in which you try to hit zombies with flaming golf balls as they are running at you on the screen.  Pub Darts - a game in which the golf ball is a dart and the screen is a giant dartboard. Demolition Range - a range game where you score points by hitting objects such as piano's, cow's, and statues. There are 20 games available with new games and features added on a regular basis.

ProTee can be purchased for $149/yr or a one time payment of $399. You also need to be subscribed to SkyTrak's Game Improvement Plan ($99/yr).

Protee Play Golf Demolition Range

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