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SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Guide

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Software Comparison Guide

SkyTrak Launch Monitors have won multiple awards over the last few years for various reasons. The accuracy is comparable with launch monitors that are 10x the price, the value is unmatched, the capabilities are superior...I could go on and on. Right out of the box, SkyTrak comes with a very well designed Driving Range Software Mode. But one of our favorite capabilities of the SkyTrak is its integration with multiple golf simulator software providers; something that cannot be said for most simulators and launch monitors on the market today!

SkyTrak essentially provides the same data to each of these software providers - ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin and side angle - so the performance of your shots is going to be very similar for each software option. With this being said, each software company develops their own shot model based on the metrics listed above, so you will see some differences in the accuracy. The only way to answer the question - "What software is best for my Skytrak golf simulator?" - is to dive right in and give you all of the details, pros, and cons of each SkyTrak Integrated Software. We are going to go in depth and give a ranking out of the 5 to each software option based on the following metrics: Course Selection/Quality/Accuracy, Game Features, Graphics, and Overall Cost

Here are the current integrated software options for use with SkyTrak:

Keep in mind that the SkyTrak Game Improvement Package ($99.95/year) is required at a minimum for integration with all of the following software providers. 

WGT (World Golf Tour), e6 Golf by TruGolf, The Golf Club, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, and Creative Golf 3-D

It truly is extremely difficult to say which software is the best for SkyTrak as there is a lot of subjectivity involved, so we will start by laying out all of the details about each software provider in order to help us make a decision.

WGT Golf Simulator Software


WGT Golf Simulation Software - Pros & Cons

WGT Golf Software features the lowest cost option of the bunch. At $199.95/year, the WGT Play & Improve Package features Par 3 challenges from 15 world class golf courses, as well as full 18-hole gameplay at 10 of the most prestigious golf courses in the world! Keep in mind, one downside of WGT Golf is its lack of ability to pair with a PC. You must have an iPad with 3-D Graphics support in order to take advantage of this low-cost option. Another note for WGT is its lack of ability to play in multi-player mode. At this time, full course play is only available in single player. See below for further details about what is needed to play with WGT Golf. 


WGT Golf Simulation Software Review

Course Selection, Quality, and Accuracy: #4

WGT does come with a solid set of golf courses featuring all very high level, championship, and realistic golf courses. The downside is definitely the variety. WGT carries a library of 10 full 18 hole courses, with a few 9 hole additional courses,  which is the lowest amount of the 5 Skytrak integrated software providers

Game Features and Game Modes: #5

If you are looking simply for traditional golf simulator gameplay, then this is not a concern to you. WGT focuses mainly on standard stroke play format with driving range and closest to the pin features as well. WGT does fall behind in the sense that there are very few additional 'fun' game features that are found on the other software options. The main limitations include iPad only compatibility and 1-player only gameplay.

Graphics and Overall Realism: #3

WGT Golf has rock solid graphics with a 'photo realistic' appearance. We have rated this in the middle of the pack as it is an average to above average graphic display. While WGT does fall a bit short in terms visuals with few camera angles, the difference is made up with realistic bunker, rough, and hazard penalties and a very strong putting performance.

Total Cost: #1

At $199.95/year for the 'Play & Improve' package through SkyTrak, WGT Golf is the clear frontrunner when it comes to the all-in cost to play. Overall, this is a great value option for any skill level looking to play rounds of golf.

If you are still looking for more information, see the SkyTrak WGT Golf Software User Guide.

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E6 Golf Simulator Software by TruGolf

E6 Golf Simulation by TruGolf - Pros and Cons
In our opinions, E6 features the best functionality and variety of game features of the 5 software options such as closest to the pin. With the ability to change tees, weather conditions, elevation conditions, and its game improving 'Boost' Mode, TruGolf combines unparalleled realism by offering precise replicas of each of its world-class championship golf courses. E6 Software also boasts 40 competitive multiplayer game modes such as stroke play, match play, skins, and much more allowing you to have more fun than every before. With this being said, E6 does come with a slightly higher price point at either $299/year or a $1,800 (buy and own) price. the only front where e6 does fall a bit short of the competition is the graphic display. All in all, this is a GREAT value option, especially if you are looking to invest in some of the extra course packs that E6 has to offer.

E6 by TruGolf Simulation Software Review

Course Selection, Quality, and Accuracy: #1

E6 is above average in terms of selection with 15 Championship golf courses and over 100 additional courses available for purchase. This software option gets the nod to #1 due to the top tier quality and accuracy of the golf courses themselves. Features of the courses are spot on to real life and are all extremely high caliber, big name courses.

Game Features and Game Modes: #2

E6 also carries the most game modes out of the five software options. With over 40 of multiplayer formats to choose from stroke play to Wolf (My favorite!), you will always have something new to play against your friends. E6 also friendly features such as variable gimmie ranges, boost mode (hits the ball further), and the ability to change tees.

Graphics and Overall Realism: #4

Although E6 has been a top player in this industry for years, they have started to lag behind a bit in terms of overall graphics. The graphic display is still a high quality, realistic look, however there are fewer camera options and less variability then the others. This is, however, a very close category to judge since all options are of strong HD graphics quality.

Total Cost: #4/#5

E6 has been a top player in this industry for years, and this comes at a price. As with the other options (except WGT) the SkyTrak Game Improvement Package is needed at $99.95/year in order to integrate the SkyTrak to the E6 Platform. The basic package is either $299/year to rent (#4 of 5) or $1,800 to own (#5). The additional cost course packs are big name courses but come at a hefty price of $400-$500 per pack (12 courses).

If you are still looking for more information on E6 Software, checkout the E6 Software User Guide. 

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The Golf Club Simulator Software

The Golf Club Simulation - Pros and Cons

The Golf Club Software is the clear winner in golf course selection and graphic display. With over 100,000 courses...yes, 100,000 championship and user designed will never run out of courses to play! The Golf Club Game also features unmatched 4K Ultra HD Graphic display that will have you pinching yourself. It looks that real! The 4K display slides ahead of the competition with its dynamic display allowing the user to move the virtual camera in any angle (all other software graphics only feature a 2-D static display). However, these incredible features do come with a few limitations. There are a few drawbacks that don't match up to competing software options including the ability to change tee boxes and a lack of rough penalty.


The Golf Club Simulation Software Review

Course Selection, Quality, and Accuracy: #2

Course Selection with The Golf Club is simply unmatched. With 100,000 premium and user designed courses, no other option even comes close. The only reason this slips to #2 on the list in this category is because this strength of a huge course selection is also a weakness at times. With dozens of user designed replicas of courses with the same name, some players might find it difficult to find the most accurate courses of the bunch.

Game Features and Game Modes: #3

The Golf Club fits right into the middle of the pack when it comes to game features and game modes. There is a pretty standard array of multiplayer and online game modes, with the most popular being the simultaneous online multiplayer function that allows all 4 players connected to the group to hit at the same time. Much like the others, this option also hosts online tournaments and user designed course sharing as well.

Graphics and Overall Realism: #1

The Golf Club definitely stands out due to an Ultra HD 4K graphics display. You will think you are on the actual golf course when playing a round with this stunningly lifelike visual presentation.

Total Cost: #4/#5

SkyTrak GIP is needed at $99.95/year. If you are a fan of the annual subscription, this is the most expensive option at $479/year. There is however, a huge incentive to buy up front at just $795 to own, compared to E6 ($1,800 to own). If you go with the $795 to own option, this will be one of the cheaper of the bunch after a few years of use.

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Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf Simulator Software

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf by Perfect Parallel - Pros and Cons

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf Simulation Software features highly competitive graphics and most of all, features superior in-game physics. This software uses real-time 'wind engine' technology incorporating wind gust factors and elevation impact on the ball flight. It also utilizes true skid and roll friction physics, helping to provide an unbelievably realistic simulation of short game shots. Putts react to the contours of the green and chips and short shots bounce and check up with incredible accuracy depending on your actual shot. However, this next generation golf simulation software is much more of a work in progress when it comes to its overall functionality and its golf course library.


Perfect Golf Simulation Software - Overall Review

Course Selection, Quality, and Accuracy: #3 Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf rounds up in the middle of the pack in terms of course selection with 15 to choose from in the basic package. Don't be deterred by the unknown names of the courses, these are actually championship courses with fake names (Florida Gates is TPC Sawgrass). The accuracy of the courses is unbelievably realistic with the geo-referencing mentioned above and very lifelike shadows, contours, even mow patterns!
Game Features and Game Modes: #4

Similar to WGT Golf, Perfect Golf also focuses on a pretty vanilla set of game modes and features. The functionality is excellent, so if you are looking for simple 18 hole gameplay and driving range use this may be an option for you. Perfect Golf definitely puts a majority of its efforts into developing superior physics based shot modeling. There is, however, a nice course design feature that is the same programming used by real Nicklaus designers.

Graphics and Overall Realism: #2

The overall graphic display is pretty much in line with the others in terms of quality, but the difference maker that moves Perfect Golf up the list involves the realism of the shot modeling and of the golf course features. The geo-referencing of the courses is a really cool feature the way that it is timed up with real sunset times based on the time of day in the actual location.

Total Cost: #3

After paying the $99.95 for the SkyTrak Game Improvement Software, Perfect Golf falls in the middle of the pack in terms of overall price. For $199.95/year, you get a decent array of championship golf courses. In our opinions, it is definitely worth the investment to upgrade to the course design and course sharing software for an additional $50/year.

To purchase a SkyTrak including the needed Game Improvement Software Package needed for Perfect Golf, shop our SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages! Rain or Shine Golf offers free shipping, tax-free sales and the guaranteed lowest cost in the industry on SkyTrak!


Creative Golf 3-D Simulator Software

Creative Golf 3D Simulation (GC3D) - Pros and Cons

CC3D is the newest of the five software options to be integrated with SkyTrak Launch Monitors. The main differential is that Creative Golf 3D really dabbles in the entertainment side of golf simulation. While there are still 5 courses in the basic package and 100+ European and International golf courses available at additional cost for standard gameplay, this software sets itself apart with entertainment game modes such as mini-golf, target golf, window-smashing, and more. Another great simulation feature for kids is called 'Fairy Tale Golf', in which kids can move to much shorter tees and play the same courses as adults. Standard course play is of average performance, but a clear downside is that well-known, American championship golf courses are missing from the list.


CG3D Golf Simulation Software - Overall Review

Course Selection, Quality, and Accuracy: #5

The basic package only has 5 courses and there are about 100 additional courses available for purchase. Although this option does have 100+ courses, we have rated this #5 of 5 because these golf courses are all European and are less known to the average player. The courses, however, are very well modeled to the real thing and have beatuful scenery, so if you are a fan of popular European courses, you will enjoy this course library. 

Game Features and Game Modes: #1

Creative Golf 3D really stands apart when it comes to additional game features compared to the other software options. The dozens of very entertaining features listed above moves this option to the top of the category. Standard course gameplay is pretty standard compared to the other 4, but if you are into the entertainment side of golf simulation, this may be the ideal option for you.

Graphics and Overall Realism: #5

CG3D does feature very scenic and beautiful golf course destinations, however, the overall appearance of this software has a video game appearance to me. This definitely falls behind the likes of the 4K HD graphics of The Golf Club and the 'photo-realistic' visuals of WGT Golf.

Total Cost: #2

After signing up for the $99.95/year SkyTrak GIP package, the $199.95/year (rent) or $499.95 (own) is one of the lower cost options of the grouping. Do keep in mind though that the cost may increase if you are looking to add a few of the $100 (per 10 courses) course packs to your basic subscription. We prefer the buy to own methodology, moving this option ahead of Perfect Golf (although the basic subscription cost is the same)

If you are looking for more information, feel free to browse through the CG3D User Guide.

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Want to take this guide with you? Download a PDF version of the Best Golf Simulator Software For SkyTrak here.

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