Foresight Sports GC3 vs Bushnell Launch Pro

Comparing Foresights Sports and Bushnell's newest launch monitors

We get asked very often, what is the difference between the Launch Pro and GC3 and the simple answer is that the hardware is identical.

SOME BACKGROUND: Towards the end of 2021, Vista Outdoors (Parent Company of Bushnell) purchased Foresight Sports. With this acquisition, Bushnell made a strong committment to the growing launch monitor and golf simulation industry.

Not long after the annoucement, Bushnell announced their first launch monitor, the Launch Pro. And around a similar time, Foresight Sports (still operating under Foresight Sports for now) announced the GC2's successor, the GC3 Launch Monitor.

Aside from the subtle color accents, these two units look identical. And when you dive into the data offering, features, and integrations, they are also nearly identical.

Which begs the question...

GC3 Or Launch Pro - Now What?


To get the full, and comparable, functionality to the GC3, Launch Pro owners will need to subscribe to the Gold subscription - which will cost you $799/year.

So at $2,999, the Bushnell Launch Pro will be considerably cheaper than the GC3 for the first few years of ownership (The GC3 costs $7, 499). But if you own the Launch Pro for 6 years or more, then you'll actually end up spending more money on the Launch Pro.

The GC3 is built for the long game. No, not for drivers and woods. But for those planning on keeping their launch monitor for many years. If you think you're "going through a phase". Which don't get us wrong, we all do! Then the Launch Pro might be a better short-term choice.

The Launch Pro also would work better for someone who doesn't need simulation. If the basic subscription of the Launch Pro does what you need, then you'll get the same precision accuracy for much less than the GC3. And since the basic subscription is just $99/yr, it would take you 45 years to reach what the GC3 costs!

To sum it up..yes these two launch monitors are pretty much the same! One isn't more accurate than the other. And if you have the gold subscription on the Launch Pro, then the data and feature offering is identical. To decide which unit will be best for you, you'll need to look at how long you plan on seriously using the launch monitor. And whether or not you want all that would be included in the "Gold Subscription".