SkyTrak Launch Monitor - Full Review

Launch monitors can be a difficult product category to wrap your head around at times. The technology varies, the price ranges are all over the spectrum, and you often find yourself scratching your head trying to decide what decision will work best for your game.

As the top golf launch monitor reseller on the market, we have gotten our hands on dozens of launch monitor units for our own in-house testing and have gotten unbiased feedback from hundreds of customers. We’ve spent thousands of hours testing these launch monitors out in our office showroom and out on the range so that we can provide you the best possible information.

Today we’re offering up our honest feedback on SkyTrak, one of the most popular launch monitors under $2,000. In this SkyTrak Golf Review, we’ll go over the good, bad, and everything in between!

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SkyTrak Data Review

SkyTrak Data Review
SkyTrak Data Review

Launch Monitor data can typically be broken down into two categories: Ball Data and Club Data. Ball data includes everything related to the ball. Things such as ball speed, spin, launch angle, etc. Club data includes everything related to your club such as clubhead speed, club path, club face angle, etc.

SkyTrak provides a ton of data. Things such as apex height and landing angle really showcase how advanced SkyTrak can get.

However, one of the biggest things to realize with SkyTrak is that Club data is calculated using the ball data measured. Because of this, there is less club data that SkyTrak provides. This is common for launch monitors in this price range however.

The main data metrics you miss out on with SkyTrak are advanced club metrics such as club path, impact location, and face angle. Here are the key data points SkyTrak measures.

SkyTrak Vs Its Competitors

We've tested a lot of different launch monitors here at Rain or Shine Golf. So we feel that we have a pretty good understanding of how they all stack up. And to be honest, SkyTrak isn't that far off from units that cost upwards of $10,000.

But here are a few things you miss out on compared to the more expensive launch monitors:

Extensive Club Data

More expensive units often have more club data metrics such as impact location on clubface, club path, and face angle.

Video Analysis

Some launch monitors allow you to sync up video recordings with swing data.

In-depth putting analysis

While SkyTrak does read putts, some launch monitors provide more in-depth putting metrics and training modules.

White labeling of session reports

This allows you to put your brand logo on session reports. Typically used by instructors and teaching academies to send students their results from a lesson.

While you do miss out on some of these more advanced features, SkyTrak is still the best indoor launch monitor in the $2,000 price range. It provides tons of great game improvement features and more than enough data to properly analyze your game.

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