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Looking for a Portable, Accurate and Affordable launch monitor? Look no further! Having a clear understanding of your distances before you step onto the course is key to improving as a golfer.

With the breakthrough in launch monitor technology, golfers are now able to determine exactly how far they hit each club so they can make smarter decisions on the course.

The problem is, many launch monitors can cost upwards of over $10,000! This is where the Swing Caddie Launch Monitors come into play - offering the accurate data you need on your club distances all at an affordable price point. Not to mention, the Swing Caddies are extremely portable so you can store your launch monitor in your golf bag and bring it with you on the course.

Swing Caddie SC200PLUS Launch Monitor

For taking things a step further, the Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS offers voice distance output, customizable club loft, increased accuracy, and all the key data points (swing speed, ball speed, smash factor) on one screen without having to toggle between two. Using barometric pressure calibration, the Swing Caddie 200 PLUS automatically calibrates itself to give you the most accurate readings possible. Like the SC100 the SC200 PLUS offers a practice mode, target mode, approach mode and allows you to track your statistics. The SC200 PLUS also includes a Practice Swing Mode which gives you the ability to see your swing speed even without using a ball.

Another great feature of the SC200 PLUS is the voice distance output that automatically tells you how far you hit each shot. This means you don't have to bend over and read the numbers on the screen and can focus on resetting quicker to hit your next shot. The Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS is an excellent value launch monitor at $399.99.

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Swing Caddie SC300 Launch Monitor

As the newest addition to the Swing Caddie family of portable launch monitors, the SC300 helps you get the most out of your practice session. Every shot you take the SC300 provides all the swing and ball flight data you want out of a professional launch monitor, including launch angle and apex data.

Experience extreme precision provided by the latest in Doppler radar technology and fast calibrating with atmospheric pressure sensors. This means you can get practicing faster, without having to wait around to calibrate your monitor.

SC300 is convenient to use, just connect to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and you can track your stats with real-time, comprehensive data. Use the voice output and remote control for the most user-friendly launch monitor experience available.

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