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Lag Shot Golf Club Training Aid


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Lag Shot Golf Club Training Aid Description

Product Summary

Unlock Your Best Golf Swing

The Lag Shot Golf Clubs weighted clubhead + hyper-flexible shaft allows you to 'load the club' perfectly, generate more lag automatically, and make confident swings with ideal tempo, rhythm, and timing.

Benefits of Practicing with Lag Shot Golf:
  • Add Lag Naturally and Effortlessly
  • Promotes a Relaxed Grip and Smooth 'One Piece' Takeaway
  • Grooves a fluid, 'stress free' transition that stores power without over swinging
  • More Distance - hit 2 clubs LESS into each green resulting in more accurate approach shots and shorter putts

With the Lag Shot driver, you’ll add 20-30 yards of easy distance to your average drive. You’ll also groove a consistent, repeatable driver swing with a smooth transition, more lag, increased clubhead speed, and perfect tempo and timing.

Golf Digests 2022 'Best Swing Trainer' of the Year!

What's Included

  • Lag Shot Golf Club
  • Free Bonus Video Course ($67 Value)
  • Bonus Secret Weapon Transition Drill
  • Impact Secrets of Champions Video

Product Specifications

Lag Shot Golf Clubs:

Standard length, loft, and lie with a whippy, flexible shaft and beautiful “jet black” clubhead.

Improves tempo & timing by letting you feel exactly where the clubhead is in the golf swing at all times.

Helps you generate more clubhead speed effortlessly (without swinging out of your shoes).

Slows down your “too quick” transition so you can hit solid, accurate drives and find more fairways.