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SwingBay Enclosure Golf Simulator Package

$3,300 $4,800

5' x 5' SwingTurf Only (No Landing Pads)
5' x 5' SwingTurf Only (No Landing Pads) - $780 5' x 5' SwingTurf + Landing Pads 4' x 9' SwingTurf Only (No Landing Pads) - $460 4' x 9' SwingTurf + Landing Pads + $320
Projector Ceiling Mount
Projector Ceiling Mount - $219 SwingShield Projector Floor Enclosure
Standard Short Throw Projector (3600 Lumens)
Standard Short Throw Projector (3600 Lumens) Upgraded Short Throw Projector (4000 Lumens) + $700
swingbay enclosure golf simulator package

“I bought a golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf and couldn't be happier. The package was turnkey and everything went exactly smooth. I would definitely do this all over again with them.”

Paul C, | California

Product Description

Product Summary

An Enclosure Built To Last

The SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen is a high quality, impact-resistant screen that provides a clear, crisp image of your virtual golf course. This enclosure offers plenty of space to work on your swing and play full rounds of golf with your friends and family.

Realistic Fairway-Feel Golf Mat

To complete the package, we include a high-performance golf mat that provides a realistic feel for your shots. Keep your wrists and elbows happy with a premium strike turf since you will not be able to stop playing golf on this sim package!

All Inclusive, Turn-Key Experience

Just by adding a launch monitor, you'll have everything you need to take your golf game to the next level.

What's Included

Product Specifications

General Specifications:

Enclosure Specs

Full SwingBay Enclosure: 8'H x 4'2"D x 10'5"W

Impact Screen: Ballistics grade woven polyester impact and projection screen

Framing: 1.5" extruded aluminum, steel bracket hardware (all tools included)

Curtains: Blackout ripstop nylon material, 10' side netting with 1" velcro

Assembly: 6" ball bungees (included)

Turf Specs

SwingTurf: 5x5 or 4x9 size option, 5/8" foam backing, 1" pile height lifelike nylon turf

Landing Pad: 10' x 10' coverage with 1" putting green turf material (optional)

Projector: HD Short Throw, 3k lumens, high contrast, 25' HDMI connectivity

Projector Mount: Choice of floor enclosure or ceiling mount

PRODUCT FOOTPRINT: 11'W x 15'D x 8.1'H


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