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Uneekor Performance Optix Pack

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“I bought a golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf and couldn't be happier. The package was turnkey and everything went exactly smooth. I would definitely do this all over again with them.”

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Product Description

Product Summary

2 Swing Cameras x All-New Pressure Mat

Uneekor's first biomechanical golf training system combines Swing Optix™ hi-resolution swing cameras with the All-New Balance Optix™, to create your own elite training solution. When paired with your Uneekor launch monitor ball/club tracking data, you’ll understand your performance and mechanics like never before!

Integrated directly into the Uneekor View Software, your Balance Optix data will be synced perfectly with Swing Optix video sequences and launch monitor club / ball data.

Swing Optix Cameras

All Uneekor Launch Monitors have a built in camera that show a slow motion replay of the impact between the golf ball and your golf club. With the addition of the two Swing Optix Cameras, you can also view your golf swing from a face-on angle and a down-the-target-line views in crystal clear video that incorporates directly into the Uneekor software!

With 180 frames per second you can breakdown your swing frame by frame and observe all the various positions of your golf swing: address, backswing, downswing, follow-through, etc.

Balance Optix Pressure Mat

The all-new Balance Optix Pressure Mat Technology uses over 1,100 sensors to measure your weight distribution and how weight shifts laterally and vertically throughout your swing.

Balance and weight transfer are essential aspects of the golf swing, playing a crucial role in helping maintain control, generating power, and achieving consistent results! Your weight distribution and weight shift are displayed via Weight Distribution Bars, a foot heat map and Center of Mass Tracer. In the Uneekor View software, you are able to compare two different shots with the bars, heat map, and tracer for the individual swings, and see why your two swing produced different results.

Swing Optix and Balance Optix are synced so that you can observe how your weight transfers at every single point in your swing. Compare 2 of your swings in our View software and see why your selected swings produced different results.

What's Included

  • Two (2) Cameras - 2.5mm with 1.2 aperture lens high-speed motion capture cameras
  • Two (2) Interchangeable Camera Lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • Swing-Motion software license
  • 6.5ft USB 3.0 Cable
  • (2) 16.4ft USB 3.0 Cables
  • Swing Optix Software: included in VIEW software
  • Uneekor Balance Optix Pressure Mat
  • USB-C Power Cable
  • USB to Ethernet Cable
  • CAT6 Cable
  • Roll-up tube
  • Storage Duffle
  • Balance Optix Software: included in VIEW Software

Product Specifications

Technical Specs - Swing Optix Cameras

  • Two (2) 2.5mm with 1.2 aperture lens high-speed motion capture cameras
  • Two (2) interchangeable camera lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
  • USB 3.0 Connection

Technical Specs - Balance Optix

  • Sensor count: 1104 (46 x 24)
  • Sensor refresh rate: 100 fps
  • Connectivity: Ethernet

-Speed: 100Mbps

-Support dynamic (router network) and static (direct connection) modes

  • Power supply: 5V 1A (USB Type-C power only connector) → USB adapter, Portable USB battery pack or PC USB ports available
  • Included accessories: Wall power adapter (USB Type-A 5V 1A), Power cable (USB A to C power only), USB to Ethernet adapter, Ethernet cable

Swing Optix / Balance Optix PC Requirements

Recommended PC Specs:

  • CPU: Intel i7 or higher, 10th generation or later
  • RAM: 16GB or more
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 30 series or later
  • GPU Memory: 16GB or more
  • Harddrive: 200GB or more of available space
  • OS: Windows 11 (64-bit only)

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How Much Space Do I Need?

This launch monitor requires in order for the data to collect properly. Please be sure to swing a club in your desired space to ensure that you are comfortable and safe making a golf swing in that area.

What is Your Return Policy?

At Rain or Shine Golf, we know that life happens. While it’s our intention that every customer who orders from our website be fully satisfied with their order, if for any reason you decide you would like to return your order, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to process the return. 

Please see our We Accept Returns page for more information.

What Devices Are Compatible With This Product?

This product is compatible with devices. However, be sure to also match the your device needs to the software option that you intend to use with this product.

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