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gspro subscription + lifetime add-on golf simulation software

“I bought a golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf and couldn't be happier. The package was turnkey and everything went exactly smooth. I would definitely do this all over again with them.”

Paul C, | California

Product Description

Product Summary

GSPro Golf Simulation Software License

GSPro is a powerful golf simulation software that offers a range of features designed to provide a realistic virtual golfing experience. It includes accurate ball flight physics, a variety of realistic courses, and a range of customizable settings that allow golfers to tailor their experience to their needs.

TONS of Golf Courses

GSPro Boasts world-class golf courses around the globe, letting you experience courses that you only dreamed of visiting. Hit the links at Payne's Valley or make some birdies at Pebble, its all there! Play the courses you have always wanted to visit for an industry leading low price.

One of the key features of GSPro is its compatibility with a range of different launch monitors and golf simulators.

This allows golfers to create a customized setup that fits their needs and budget, whether they want a full-scale simulator or a smaller setup for home use.

Overall, GSPro is a high-quality golf simulation software that can provide golfers with a realistic and enjoyable virtual golfing experience.

Subscription - $250 per year

What's Included

Product Specifications

General Specifications:

PC System Requirements: 

4 GB Free Space | GTX 970 | 8 GB Memory | Stable Internet Connection Ethernet Port and/or BT depending on Launch Monitor

25GB of Hard Drive Space | Windows 10 64-bit (Required) | Internet Connection (Required)


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