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True Strike Golf Practice Hitting Mats


TrueStrike Golf Mats are widely regarded as one of the best golf mat solutions on the market today. With divot simulating technology and impact resistant design you no longer have to worry about putting unneeded strain on your body like many other turf golf mats.

Made to last for 55,000 shots, True Strike mats are also as durable as they come providing a great value golf mat. Whether you need a mat for your indoor golf simulator or for an outdoor commercial hitting range, you will be happy with a TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mat.

TrueStrike Golf Mat Benefits

TrueStrike Golf Mat

  • Hit Down & Through
    • With the help of TrueStrike's "ruckable" top surface and gel-filled divot simulating subsurface design, golfers can now hit down on the ball properly so the club passes through the ball.
  • No Shock, No Strain, No Pain
    • No more vibration going up the club and into the arms upon impact, because the gel pad will absorb the impact right below the striking surface.
  • Adjustable Tees
    • TrueStrike encourages the use of real tees, so the tee holder is strategically placed underneath the range mat section.

  • No Bounce
    • Synthetic hard mats cause the club to "bounce" after impact and that is why TrueStrike made the surface so there would not be a "bounce".
  • Durable and Cost Effective
    • The TrueStrike mat was made to last through 55,000 iron clubs striking it! When a spot wears out simply replace the one spot and not the entire mat.
  • Enhance Your Game
    • A TrueStrike golf mat can be set up outside or inside the home and costs about the same as one golf club. Lowering your golf score and becoming a better golfer has never been easier!

      TrueStrike Full Review

      The TrueStrike Difference

      When you are looking for the best golf mat, quality and design are important. TrueStrike has gone to great lengths to provide an exceptional experience with their revolutionary mat design.

      Ordinary golf mats will often place the hitting surface directly above a single layer of rubberized cushion, giving you a thin layer of protection between your club and the concrete below. While this is certainly better than hitting directly off the concrete, it creates a hitting surface that is prone to bouncing and can cause strain on shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

      Conventional Mats

      Ordinary Golf Mat

      TrueStrike hitting mats use an impact absorbing, gel cushion directly below the hitting surface. This gel layer absorbs and disperses the energy from your club, simulating real grass, and minimizing strain and injury to golfers. An injection molded foam base adds an additional layer of protection and gives you the ability to hit down and through the turf without risk of hitting the concrete below the mat. 

      TrueStrike Mat Turf

      TrueStrike Golf Mat