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In this guide we’re offering up our honest feedback on the Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor, a relatively new launch monitor to the market. In this ESB1 Review we’ll go over the good, bad, and everything in between! Here are some links in case you want to skip to specific sections:

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ESB1 Data Review

Ernest Sports ESB1 Launch Monitor - Rain or Shine Golf
ESB1 Data Insights
ESB1 Data Insights

ESB1 does a great job of simplifying shot data

If you're not a scratch golfer, then you can easily get into the weeds by looking at different spin angles and other obscure data points. We found ourselves simply looking at distance and club speed after every shot.

If you're a more advanced golfer, then you may enjoy looking at your spin and launch angle numbers - especially with the driver. But for most, the ESB1 will do a great job of simplifying shot data into something an average golfer can learn from. You'll get a great understanding of how far you carry each club. As well as will be able to see how different changes in your swing can affect your club speed, smash factor, etc.

One thing you won't get is launch direction or side spin. Which is pretty common in this price range - so not really a knock on the ESB1.

How The ESB1 Stacks Up


We've tested a lot of different launch monitors here at Rain or Shine Golf. So we feel that we have a pretty good understanding of how they all stack up.

Here are the biggest pros to the ESB1:

  • Outdoor Accuracy

For launch monitors under $1,000, the ESB1 has best-in-class outdoor accuracy. While it's not fair to compare the ESB1 to launch monitors that cost thousands more, in its class, the ESB1 is a very reliable outdoor launch monitor.

  • Games

The ESB1 is above average when it comes to alternative range modes. It offers a variety of skills challenge modules such as target practice and a range game they call capture the flag.

  • Voice Control

The ESB1 by Ernest Sports is the only launch monitor under $1,000 that offers voice control.


Now here are a few things the ESB1 misses:


  • Better shot tracers

While the ESB1 does provide shot tracers, they are just not that good in our opinion. You will get better views with units like the Rapsodo MLM or the Garmin R10

  • Golf Simulation

The Garmin R10 changed the game by offering golf simulation in a launch monitor under $1000. Not offering golf simulation isn't a knock on the ESB1 as much as it is a kudos to Garmin.


  • Extensive Ball and Club Data

More expensive units will give you much more data than the MLM. The $2,000 units like SkyTrak and Mevo+ will provide around 10-15 additional data points including side spin, carry and total distance, spin axis, and more.

  • Advanced Video Analysis

While the MLM does provide video playback, some systems provide more video analysis features and allow you to draw lines, swing planes, etc.

  • Improved Accuracy

One of the biggest upsides to more expensive units like SkyTrak, is that they will provide more consistent accuracy. Outdoors, the ESB1 is great. But if you're looking for precision accuracy indoors, then more expensive units will be a solid step up from the ESB1.

ESB1 Review Summary

Overall, the Ernest Sports ESB1 launch monitor is a really awesome launch monitor for under $500. It's a solid entry-level launch monitor that will give you great insights on your swing.

Here is our quick breakdown for the ESB1:

Choose the ESB1 if you're looking for an entry-level launch monitor that you will use primarily outdoors.

If you'll want to use the launch monitor mostly indoors, then the Garmin R10 or FlightScope Mevo will be better suited.

And if the 6 data points ESB1 provides aren't enough for you, or if you want golf simulation integrations, then check out either the FlightScope Mevo+ or SkyTrak.

Read our product reviews on the ESB1's competitors:

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