Father's Day Golf Gift Guide - 9 Great Golf Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Golf Gift Guide

Best Father's Day Golf Gifts

Looking for the perfect golf gift for Dad on Father's Day? We've got you covered!

From the coolest golf tech, to the best practice training aids, we've got some great ideas that Dad is sure to love.

Here are 9 Great Golf Gifts for Father's Day:

1. Rapsodo MLM (Mobile Launch Monitor)

The ultimate game improvement tool

The Rapsodo MLM is a launch monitor that uses the power of your iPhone or iPad to provide immediate feedback on your swing through shot data, instant video replay, and active shot tracers.

It captures and displays a variety of data points during a golf shot and is designed to help golfers improve performance. This mobile launch monitor can be used indoors or outdoors and will instantly take practice sessions to the next level. Trusted by top golf instructors for it's quality data and accuracy, this gift is sure to help Dad improve his game!

Price: $499

Or pay as low as $24/mo
($75 off from June 12th until June 20th).

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2. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

For the dad who needs some putting help

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great gift for any golf enthusiest. It's light-weight and can easily be rolled up and stored away. And at 9' 6", this putting mat is a perfect fit & must have for any home office.

It features automatic ball return, distance markers and alignment aids, and is made with a unique Crystal Velvet material allowing the golf ball to roll like it would on a perfect green.

Price: $169

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3. The SwingTurf Golf Mat

A golf mat is a perfect gift for someone looking to practice more this year. The SwingTurf Golf mat is our #1 recommendation for hitting mats because it combines the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

The SwingTurf Golf Mat reacts authentically, giving you realistic feedback on miss-hits and poorly hit shots. You can even insert real wooden tees' into the mat for practice with woods.

It’s durable and will last through countless practice sessions!

Price: $469

Or pay as low as $22/mo

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4. The SwingNet Golf Net

For the dad who's looking to practice more at home

A golf net is another great gift for a golfer looking to spend more time perfecting their swing. There are many golf nets on the market, but we feel that the SwingNet is the best option out there. It’s durable, easy-to-assemble, and doesn’t take up too much space. It can be used indoors or outdoors and comes in on the lower-end of golf net prices.

Everything adds up to the perfect gift for the golfer in your life!

Price: $299 $199

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Rapsodo Practice Studio

5. Rapsodo MLM Practice Package

The perfect home practice studio

Like the sound of the Rapsodo MLM launch monitor, mat, and net? Put it all together with this ultimate golf practice package. This at-home practice setup will make any golfer drool. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is sure to take Dad's game to the next level.

Price: $1,299

Pay as low as $60/mo
($75 off from June 12th until June 20th).

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Mevo+ Golf Simulator Fathers Day

6. Mevo+ HomeBay Golf Simulator

The gift that will wow!

Looking to go big this Father's Day? A golf simulator will be the gift that he never forgets!

The Mevo+ HomeBay Golf Simulator Package is an all-in-one golf simulator package that brings the golf course indoors. With Mevo+, you can play and practice on some of the top golf courses in the world. It features world-class golf simulation and will be fun for Dad, as well as the whole family.

Price: $4,999 $4,799

Or pay as low as $222/mo

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7. A Golf Ball Tray

For the dad who already has it all

Looking for an accessory for someone who already has an at-home practice setup? A ball tray is a perfect accessory to add a little convenience to someone’s practice session!

Price: $79

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8. Exputt Putting Simulator

A gift the whole family will enjoy

This awesome new product from Exputt allows you to set up an indoor putting course in the comfort of your own home! The Exputt Putting Simulator offers an unparalleled putting experience by precisely measuring ball and putter movements in a wide variety of simulated courses, weather, and green speeds.

Exputt is a great alternative to a full golf simulator and is something the whole family can enjoy. If your family enjoys putt putt golf, then they will love the Exputt Putting Simulator!

Price: $399

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9. A Rain or Shine Golf Gift Card

Not sure what to get? A gift card is always a safe bet! Rain or Shine Golf is the #1 retailer for indoor golf products. So the golfer in your life will be certain to find the perfect gift for them!

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