Golf Simulator Forum

There are tons of great places to go for information and advice about golf simulators. So we put together a list of the very best resources and forums to check out if you are in need of golf simulator advice. 

Whether you want opinions on which golf simulators are the best, instructions on how to set yours up, or inspiration for your golf simulator room, you will be able to find it here.  These sites cover a vast amount of topics and have a healthy community of contributors to ensure your questions do not go unanswered!

Golf Simulator Specific Forums & Resources

Golf Simulator Forum 

The Golf Simulator Forum is one of the top resources out there for all things golf simulators. It covers a ton of topics - everything from setup ideas to reviews. There is a separate forum for just about every major brand of golf simulator/launch monitor. This makes it super easy to find exactly what you are looking for!

Ottowa Golf

Although not as in depth as Golf Simulator Forum - Ottawa Golf has a great forum that is dedicated to home golf simulators. It might take a little more digging but with over 25,000 posts you should be able to find more than enough information and advice about golf simulators.

Rain or Shine Golf

You're here for a reason! Rain or Shine Golf aims to provide golfers the very best resources relating to golf simulators, launch monitors, and indoor golf equipment. From our Best Golf Simulators Guide to our Best Golf Simulator Software Guide, we provide a ton of helpful information regarding golf simulators.

Facebook Groups

Many people might not think of Facebook as a resource for golf simulator information - but there are some great groups out there dedicated to golf simulator talk.

Golf Simulator/Launch Monitor Discussion Group

This group has over 4,000 members actively discussing prevailing launch monitor and ball tracking technologies, turnkey systems, simulator design, and software products. You have to join the group to get access, but a helpful, more personal resource for golf simulator junkies.

Garage Golf Simulator and Golf Product Talk

This Facebook group is dedicated to helping people get started with the creation and setup of their own golf simulator as well as helping to answer questions on golf products with unbiased feedback, reviews and advice.

SkyTrak Stories

This is a informational blog rather than a forum, but nonetheless provides really great resources for those interested in SkyTrak. They have a blog all about helping users get the most out of their SkyTrak. They also have a news section that contains a collection of news articles relating to SkyTrak from various media outlets. 

General Golf Forums and Resources


If you are a golf nut, then you've probably heard of GolfWRX. With over 2 million unique readers every month, GolfWRX is one of the largest online golf communities. Although not golf simulator specific, GolfWRX has a ton of great resources regarding golf equipment, reviews, and news. They also have a very active forum. Considering the size of GolfWRX it is likely that the questions you have are floating around somewhere in the forum!


MyGolfSpy is very similar to GolfWRX, providing tons of great equipment resources and reviews. One of the best things they do is their buyer's guides. They have a buyers guide for just about every golf product. In addition, they also have a very active forum.

The Sand Trap

Another great blog and informational resource, the Sand Trap has a quality forum on a broad range of golf topics including equipment and gear.

Reddit Golf

Reddit is the 5th most visited site in the US! So it's no surprise that they have a large golf community/forum. Home to 200k members, the reddit golf community covers an abundance of topics. Reddit does have a lot of generic or non-informative talk. But if you do some digging you can find a lot of great info. Just search 'golf simulator' in the top search bar and you'll find a long list of conversations regarding golf simulators.


If you're a techy than you might appreciate GolfTec's blog. More so known for their advanced golf training and instruction, they also have a very informative blog. A lot of their articles touch more on the technology side of equipment. For example their article on the Science Behind Launch Monitor Technology.



We've saved possibly the best for last! YouTube is an amazing resource for golf simulator information. You can read up on golf simulators all you want, but being able to see a product in action makes a world of difference! YouTube has a ton of unbiased reviews as well as golf simulator demos.

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