Golf Simulator Screens & Enclosures

If you are creating a golf simulator, the quality of your golf simulator screen is absolutely critical in order to create a realistic and long-lasting setup. First of all, it is important to find a screen that is made of quality materials that allow for bright projection when paired with one of our recommended golf simulator projectors. Aside from the material of the impact screen, reducing bounce back will provide a safer and better all around experience and improve the longevity of the screen.

While keeping these factors in mind along with knowing the size of your space, we have a number of hanging projection screens and golf simulator enclosures that you are going to love. With a quality golf simulator projector like the ones we recommend, you will have a realistic golf simulator with any of our projector impact screens.

These are the main things to look for when considering what enclosure type may be best for you.


Projection Quality


Space Requirements

FAQ's About Impact Screens

How much do golf simulator screens cost?

Most standalone screens will cost between $449-$3,499 depending on the quality and size of screen.

What size golf simulator screen do I need?

Our most recommended screen size for golf simulation is something within a few inches of 8' high x 10' 6" wide. This will allow a common short throw projector with a throw ratio of .5:1 to fill up the entire screen from a projection distance of around 7'. Which is the distance you will most likely want your projector to sit from the screen. 

If you do not already own a projector, then it's often easiest to pick a screen that fits the space you will be using, and then choose a projector based off your screen size. If you already have a projector you will be using, then you should find the throw ratio of your unit and choose a screen size based on the optimal projection size of your projector.

To find the optimal throw ratio for a projector, you will divide the distance from your projector to your screen by the diagonal distance of your screen. As an example, if your screen is 10 feet in diagonal length and your projector is 5 feet away from the screen, your optimal throw ratio is 0.5:1 (5 feet / 10 feet). 

What distance does my projector need to be from the screen?

The distance from your impact screen to the projector should be between 5-8' with a short throw projector. This puts your mat & stance area between 7'-10' from the screen. For projectors that are not short throw, your projector will be between 10'-18' from the screen. We don't recommend this because then your projector will be behind you, resulting in a shadow being cast on the screen from your body.

You can mount your projector on the ceiling, or put it on the floor in something like the SwingShield Projector FloorEnclosure. The floor mounted setup is a lot easier to setup. It also makes things a lot easier when you need to adjust the projector's focus or re-align the unit. The ceiling mounted is a little more challenging to setup and adjust but creates a cleaner floor space.

Does this have you interested in learning more about the world of golf simulators? Check out our guide below to really dive in!

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