How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?
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How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

Golf Simulator Pricing and Cost Information

A lot can factor into the total cost of a golf simulator. For the most part, that's a good thing. It means there is a golf simulator for just about any budget.  But because there are so many options, it can be confusing to piece together what's right for you and determine what the final cost will be.  So we put together this short guide that will cover everything you need to know regarding golf simulator costs. In this guide, you will learn exactly what goes into the total cost of a golf simulator and be able to view examples of different priced setups.

Golf Simulator Price Ranges

There are a few different price range tiers for golf simulators. The low end will include a very simple set up typically consisting of a small to medium sized golf mat and net. The lowest cost golf simulator's will typically include a fairly simple launch monitor that only tracks the basics. These golf simulator's will also not include a projector or screen, rather you would watch your shot on a home computer or tv. With each upgrade in tier comes slightly more sophistication and quality for each item in the setup. Here is a general overview of the what you can expect to pay in each tier. Then we will describe what goes into these costs more in detail:

Low Cost


SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package with The Net Return

Medium Cost


SkyTrak Platinum Golf Simulator Studio

High Cost


High End Golf Simulator Cost



High End Golf Simulator Costs


What determines cost?

Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Software

The launch monitor and technology behind the golf simulator is most often the biggest difference in cost between the low end and high-end golf simulators. The low cost launch monitors may only measure the most basic metrics in order to calculate your shot. On the high-end, the launch monitor will monitor everything from ball speed and launch angle to where the ball impacted the club. These systems are incredibly accurate and will give you the most reliable data. In addition, the higher end systems will typically be built in. This may include infrared, radars and cameras mounted to the ceiling - making an extremely clean hitting area. The launch monitor technology used in a simulator package can range from as little as $400 all the way up to $20,000. Luckily, as technology advances each year it's becoming easier and easier to find highly accurate launch monitors that are affordable. Launch monitors such as SkyTrak and Ernest Sports ES16 provide incredible accuracy at a very affordable price.

The golf simulator software used in the golf simulator has less of a price difference but still plays a role in total cost. On the cheap end, a software will cost around $200-$400, contain a small number of courses, and be set up mostly for standard stroke play. The more costly software will cost up to $2500 and include tons of additional golf courses, features, and games.

Golf Simulator Launch Monitors

Golf Mat

The type of hitting area you have can affect the cost by between $200-$5,000. On the low end, a golf simulator will have a simple square mat - similar to what you'd see at most driving ranges. These cost between $100-$2000. On the high-end you will typically see an entire hitting platform covering the whole simulator area. The quality of the mat will also affect the price. The materials used in the mat play a huge role in how realistic the mat feels and reacts compared to real grass. The most expensive mats will typically provide a very realistic feel and be much easier on your wrists after hours of hitting. Lastly, a higher quality mat will be more durable. The Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat costs $949 and is one of the best mats on the market.

Golf Simulator Mat Cost Comparison

Golf Net

The type of net and enclosure a golf simulator has can affect the total cost by about $200-$2,500. One of the biggest factors in cost is simply the size of the net. Larger nets will obviously cost more. The more expensive nets will be more durable and oftentimes come equipped with a sturdy framing system. Some netting systems will also include siding to catch shots that were...well let's just say shots that didn't hit the club face. The Net Return Home Series Golf Net is one of the best values on the market offering superior quality at just $600.

Golf Net Cost Comparison


Golf Projector and Screen

Using a projector and screen with your golf simulator is one of the best ways to really upgrade your setup. Hitting your shot into a screen and watching your ball fly through the air greatly enhances the golf simulator experience. Many in-home setups will not include a projector or screen. Instead, you hit balls into your net and watch the ball on your computer, tv, or iPad. Going this route will save you between $1000-$4000. Projector's that are suited for golf simulation typically run between $500-$2000. Screens can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The high-end projection screens will be extremely durable and oftentimes come with their own netting system. The HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure is one of the coolest impact screens on the market. It is an all in one golf net and projector screen. But the best part is that it's retractable allowing you to easily store away and reduce the footprint within your home. 

Golf Simulator Projector's and Screens


Golf Simulator Package Examples

It is most cost effective to purchase a golf simulator package, which comes with everything you need to get your golf simulator setup.  Rain or Shine Golf provides many different options that fit into a variety of budgets.  Here are a few of our most popular golf simulator packages, the total cost, and what comes with each package.  

View all our Golf Simulator Packages to find the package that suits your budget.

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