Projector Specifications Calculator

Projector Specifications Calculator


Find Your Ideal Projector Specs

How To Use

This throw ratio calculator can help you to determine the proper projector specifications given your space. Use it to find the correct projector for your setup.

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Find Your Optimal Screen Size

Look up the throw ratio and aspect ratio of your projector model. Enter them below:

Select the estimated distance between your projector and screen:

Distance: 5

Optimal Width:

Optimal Height:

We recommend purchasing a screen that is as closed to the optimal recommendations as possible. However, most projectors allow you to adjust the throw ratio which provides some flexibility. View simulator screens near in width and in height.

Find The Optimal Projector

Enter the width and height of your screen. Then drag the slider to the estimated distance between your projector and screen. If you don't know where your projector will be set up, we typically recommend somewhere between 5-8' from the screen, depending on your screen size

Select distance of prjector from screen

Distance: 5

Aspect Ratio:

Throw Ratio:

Look for a projector with the aspect ratio and throw ratio above. You can shop by throw ratio here.

Find The Optimal Projector Distance From Screen

Look up the throw ratio your projector model and find you screen width. Enter them below:

Optimal Distance From Screen:

Find The Optimal Setup

Some sort of link or info about our screen options and the corresponding projector that would work well for each screen.