SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro
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SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro Launch Monitor Comparison

Comparing launch monitors can be overwhelming.  With different technologies, measurements, and features it’s easy to get lost.  In this article, we will compare two popular launch monitors - SkyTrak vs the ES14 Pro. 

It is no surprise why these launch monitors are very popular.  Both are easy to use, reliable, and budget-friendly.  However, there are some differences between the two products and we are here to help! We will discuss four important categories:

  1. Benefits
  2. Data and Accuracy
  3. Features
  4. Price

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro - Benefits

One of the top benefits of using a launch monitor is to dial in your numbers.  Both the ES14 Pro and SkyTrak give you the ability to track your average carry and total distance for each club.  Knowing your exact distances for each club in your bag is one of the only things in golf that can save you strokes immediately. SkyTrak takes it even a step further by also providing flight path data and miss tendencies. If you are looking for a system to dial in your distances than the ES14 is well equipped. If you are more concerned with shot direction and miss tendencies, then you may want to lean towards SkyTrak.

In addition to dialing in your numbers, launch monitors enable you to practice more effectively indoors. Both launch monitors can be used indoors or outdoors.  However, SkyTrak may be better suited for indoor use over the ES14 Pro since it offers flight path data and the ability to simulate play on real courses from around the world.

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro Benefits Comparison

Skytrak vs ES14 Pro Data Comparison

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro - Data and Accuracy

Both the ES14 Pro and SkyTrak launch monitors use state of the art technology to provide accurate ball and club data. SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that captures high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. The images captured are used to measure parameters necessary to render shot shape and carry distance.

The ES14 Pro uses doppler radars to measure ball and club head speed.  Doppler technology is very reputable and actually used in the military as missile tracking technology.  Overall, you can be confident in the accuracy of both launch monitors.  However, SkyTrak offers users a few more data points which are important to consider.  To the left is a side by side comparison of the data points offered in each launch monitor.

One of the biggest downsides of the ES14 may be that it does not include side spin or offline data.  This means that if you are hitting indoors then you will not be able to see the direction of your shots.  If you are hitting outdoors, the ES14 does give you the option to manually enter in the direction after each shot during a range session.

Winner: SkyTrak


SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro - Features

Out of the box, the ES14 Pro and SkyTrak are very comparable.  Both offer a free, easy to use Android/iOS app used to display shot data. Both launch monitors are portable and easy to set up.  The ES14 Pro does allow you to record and save range session data right out of the box whereas SkyTrak requires you to sign up for a membership plan that costs $99/year to save session data.  However, with the $99/year membership, you get a ton of other great features.  These include things such as closest to the pin and long drive competitions, target practice, skills assessment, bag mapping, and most importantly a WGT (World Golf Tour) integration. The WGT integration allows you to play courses throughout the world in a virtual environment.  Although it comes with an added price, the SkyTrak has quite a few features that can be used for both game improvement and entertainment.

Winner: SkyTrak

SkyTrack vs ES14 Pro Feature Comparison

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro - Price

The ES14 Pro is one of the cheapest launch monitors on the market.  Coming in at $595, this launch monitor is certainly one of the best deals out there.  Although the SkyTrak is still on the cheaper end compared to many launch monitors, it is significantly more expensive than the ES14 Pro at $1995. If you are on a budget, the ES14 Pro is the clear winner here.

Winner: ES14 Pro

SkyTrak Simulator App
Ernest Sports ES14 Pro

SkyTrak vs ES14 Pro - Conclusion

The ES14 Pro is a great launch monitor for a first-time buyer or for someone who just needs the basics.  It’s low price, ease of use, and reliable accuracy make it a great option.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a bit more data, features, or looking for a launch monitor with some entertainment value, then SkyTrak could be for you! 



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