SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ Comparison


SkyTrak vs. FlightScope Xi+

SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ Launch Monitor Comparison

In this article, we compare SkyTrak to FlightScope’s Xi+ launch monitor.  SkyTrak has a strong reputation as one of the best values on the launch monitor market providing users reliable data, tons of game improvement features, and great golf simulation options at an affordable price. FlightScope has gained a ton of recognition and a trusted reputation with brand ambassadors such as Bryson DeChambeau and Bubba Watson using the product.  The company provides a number of different launch monitor options. The Xi+ is one of their more affordable launch monitors appealing to a broader range of golfers. In this comparison, we will review each launch monitor's data, features, and cost. Spoiler alert, there is a clear favorite in this comparison! Read on to see which launch monitor we think is the best.

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ Launch Monitor Comparison

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope - Data and Accuracy

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ Data Comparison

    The amount of ball data that FlightScope Xi+ and SkyTrak offers is impressive.  There are very few ball data metrics that these two systems don’t provide.  What these two launch monitors lack somewhat is in-depth club head data. Data points such as club path, face angle, and impact location are not provided by either system.  However, you should have no problem dialing in your numbers with these launch monitors.  

    One unique metric that the FlightScope Xi+ provides is your club head speed and acceleration profiles - which show the speed and acceleration of the club-head before and after impact.  Another cool aspect of FlightScope Xi+ is their driving optimizer where you can change different numbers to see what the result of your shot would be.  For example, if you lowered your launch angle by 2 degrees how would that change the carry and total distance of your shot? The driver optimizer is a great tool to narrow in on what metrics you need to focus on to increase performance.  Check out the chart to the left to see a side by side comparison of the data that each launch monitor provides.

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ - Features

    These two systems really stand out in the game improvement category with some great ways to hone in on all aspects of your game. Both FlightScope Xi+ and SkyTrak provide an easy to use app where you can create skills tests, challenge friends, track results, and view past range sessions. You can easily see the averages with each club across a session and use the data to discover miss tendencies, average club distances, and more. Both apps also offer multiple ways to view your shot data to ensure you get all the information you need in a way that is convenient for you.  At the end of the day, these apps are very comparable and offer many similar features.

    FlightScope Xi+ falls slightly behind SkyTrak with its limited golf simulation capabilities and slightly bigger space requirement for indoor use. FlightScope can run the e6 golf simulation software by TruGolf but can only be used for full swings, and not putting.  On the other hand, SkyTrak can connect with 6 different golf simulation software options and supports full play - driving, chipping, and putting.

    Both systems can be used indoors and outdoors. However, due to the way FlightScope’s Xi+ tracks the ball, you need 8ft of space behind the ball and 13ft of space in front of the ball, before the ball hits the net, in order to get an accurate reading. All in all, you need a space at least 21ft in length to effectively use FlightScope Xi+ indoors. Therefore the unit might require too much space for most in-home use cases. SkyTrak is placed right in front of the ball and requires a room only 10' wide and 9' high.

    SkyTrak vs. FlightScope Xi+ Feature Comparison

    **Environmental settings refers to outdoor launch monitor adjustments such as elevation and temperature - not simulation game play settings.

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ - App Overview

    SkyTrak vs FlightScope Xi+ - Price

    SkyTrak - $1,995

    FlightScope Xi+ - $4,995

    SkyTrak vs Flightscope Xi+ - Conclusion

    It is rare that in a launch monitor comparison there is a heavy favorite. However, in this case SkyTrak is the clear winner of this comparison.  SkyTrak and the FlightScope Xi+ have very comparable features, data, and accuracy. But SkyTrak is less than half the price and provides much better golf simulation capabilities.  In addition, the space requirement for the Xi+ makes it difficult for in-home use. 

    If extensive club-head data is a must for you then options such as Foresite Sports GCQuad or Ernest Sport’s ES16 Tour provide comparable features to SkyTrak with additional club head data. If you are in need of more instruction/teaching features such as video analysis, branded content, and putting analysis, then Trackman or FlightScope’s X3 model would be good options.


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