SkyTrak vs GC2 - Head-to-Head Feature Comparison


SkyTrak vs GC2

Foresight GC2 vs SkyTrak Launch Monitors

We've heard this dilemma before... You’ve sifted through all the launch monitors out there and have narrowed it down to the big two: The Foresight Sports GC2 and the SkyTrak. Deciding between these two is a toughy, but we’ll give you an inside look so you can be sure to choose the monitor that’s best for you.

The great thing about deciding between the GC2 and the SkyTrak is regardless of the monitor you end up with, it’s a win. Both are best in class systems, and either unit will definitely help you take strokes off your game. So let’s get down to the differences because there are certainly a few.

We’ve broken it down by the four most essential features that really count: Accuracy, User Experience, Features, and of course Price.

So let the games begin.

SkyTrak vs GC2

SkyTrak vs GC2 Accuracy

If you want to improve your game, having an accurate launch monitor is key. Both units use high-speed cameras to give extremely precise data. There have been dozens of side by side tests with the GC2 and the SkyTrak and the numbers tend to be very similar. Launch angle, ball spin, carry and other key metrics are all within a couple of points of each other. That being said, the GC2 does offer a slightly larger hitting window, which means it tends to pick up on botched chips and hosel rockets that the SkyTrak may miss out on. If these are rare for you (good work) this probably won’t be an issue. While both monitors are extremely accurate, the GC2’s larger hitting window edges out the SkyTrak just slightly. 

Most Accurate: Foresight GC2

GC2 Accuracy
SkyTrak Accuracy

SkyTrak versus GC2 User Experience

Both units offer an incredible user experience. The SkyTrak uses a laser guide for ball placement to help keep “no reads” to a minimum. The GC2 automatically discovers any ball placed in its large hitting zone. Comparing the two monitors side by side you’ll quickly notice that Foresight's launch monitor gives instant feedback, where the SkyTrak has a slightly annoying 3-5 second delay. Another major difference comes in the way feedback is displayed. The GC2 comes with a ball data display built-in. The SkyTrak uses an impressive simulator/data display app that is used in tandem with the launch monitor. The SkyTrak’s simulation delay and higher “no-read” count gives another win to the GC2. 

Best User Experience: GC2

SkyTrak versus GC2 Features

Let’s talk software. SkyTrak comes with a basic driving range out of the box. With it, you can hit shots and view all your shot data in real-time. Additional software options are cheap and readily available, and make the SkyTrak a feature filled monitor for the masses. SkyTrak's Game Improvement Plan costs $99.95/year and brings a slew of additional features. It includes a good amount of entertaining features such as long drive competitions or closest to the pin contests to play with friends. As well as some awesome game improvement modules to help you shave strokes off your game. With the game improvement plan, you get access to SkyTrak's golf simulation software integrations. Which may be the best part of SkyTrak.

Foresight recently released their 2020 FSX upgrade, which offers great courses and gameplay. It also provides a driving range along with similar features like skills challenges and long drive/closest-to-pin contests. However, it comes in at a higher price ($3,000 one-time fee).

SkyTrak Game Mode

Now on to the numbers. Both launch monitors provide a ton of ball data such as ball speed, spin, launch angle, etc. But Foresight brings club data to the next level with their HMT (Head Measurement Technology) which you can purchase additionally with the GC2. HMT gives precise club data like club head speed, impact location, club lie angle and more. This feature gives insights you can’t get with a launch monitor like the SkyTrak. While the GC2 does have the HMT capability, it isn’t a standard feature, so the SkyTrak comes out ahead on out of the box features. 

Best Features: Skytrak


SkyTrak vs GC2 Price

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. The SkyTrak is significantly cheaper at $1,995. It comes with a built-in simulator packed with software that is as impressive as it is inexpensive. Packages range from $100 - $200 per year. For the GC2, be ready to shell out $5,000 - $8,500 for just the monitor. Their 2020 FSX software is really well done but costs significantly more. Wanna add the HMT? That’ll be another $6k. So while the GC2 has some seriously impressive features, the SkyTrak offers incredible value at an unbeatable price.
Most Affordable: SkyTrak

SkyTrak vs GC2 Conclusion:

The GC2 is a lights-out, robust coaching aid, with a pay to play design. The SkyTrak offers an insane amount of features at an affordable price. Ultimately it comes down to you. Is recreation your primary goal, or do you want to get serious and fine-tune your technique on a professional level? If you are the latter and have the budget, then the GC2 (with the HMT) is the way to go. If you are just about anybody else, then the SkyTrak is our recommended choice!

Skytrak vs GC2

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