SkyTrak vs ProTee

SkyTrak vs ProTee Launch Monitor Comparison

If you are in the market for a launch monitor with golf simulation capabilities, then you may be comparing SkyTrak to ProTee’s options. ProTee has three primary options for it’s launch monitor/golf simulator setup - the Base Pack, Base Pack 2, and their Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition.  In this article we will compare the differences between these two brands and what option may be best for you.

The four areas we will discuss are:

  • Data and Accuracy
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Cost
SkyTrak vs. ProTee Comparison

SkyTrak vs ProTee - Data and Accuracy

SkyTrak vs ProTee Data Comparison

SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that measures data such as ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle by taking a series of high-speed images at impact. SkyTrak is then able to accurately provide other data points such as roll, carry/total distance, flight path, club head speed, and more using advanced algorithms.

ProTee uses a combination of high-speed cameras and optical sensors built into a hitting mat. The cameras are designed to track vertical and horizontal launch angle while the hitting mat uses its 100+ optical sensors to track club head and ball speed data. In ProTee’s Base Pack 2 you get an additional putting sensor mat designed to make putting simulation more accurate.

Overall, both systems are very accurate and provide quite a lot of data. However, ProTee’s dual tracking system does provide more club-head data that can be quite useful for game improvement, instruction, and fitting use cases.

SkyTrak vs ProTee - Features

We’ve covered the features of SkyTrak in many different articles at Rain or Shine Golf. One of the reasons why SkyTrak is so popular is because they have a number of great features such as session history, skills assessments and challenges, bag mapping, and the ability to integrate with many golf simulator software options.  Furthermore, all your data and performance history is easily viewable in their free app so you can analyze your statistics on the go. The only downside in SkyTrak’s feature set is that it requires a yearly subscription to their Game Improvement Plan ($99/yr).

ProTee doesn’t really have any features within the unit itself. Rather, the features that you get will depend on the software you use with it.  The standard Base Pack comes with The Golf Club while the Base Pack 2 and Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition come with The Golf Club and ProTee 2.0.  The downside to this is that these options lack solid performance history. ProTee provides great live shot analysis after each shot. However, if you want to dive into your shot history data to uncover things like miss tendencies or average club distances, then you will find that ProTee lacks in this department.  The Golf Club software does allow you to keep track of some pretty cool playing statistics though such as fairways hit percentage, greens in regulation average, putts per round, etc. In addition, ProTee 2.0 has a great practice mode that allows you to pick any hole out of it’s 100+ courses and place the ball just about anywhere you want on that hole to hit shots. This way you can easily practice different shot types and distances on a real hole.

The chart to the right compares SkyTrak's Features (with $99/yr Game Improvement Plan) to the features you will get with ProTee's standard base pack. Base pack 2 comes with ProTee 2.0 which includes things like driving competitions and closest to pin challenges. In addition, you can purchase other software options with ProTee such as ProTee Play which will provide more skills challenges and games.


SkyTrak vs ProTee feature comparison

**Environmental settings refers to outdoor launch monitor adjustments such as elevation and temperature - not simulation game play settings.

SkyTrak vs ProTee - Benefits Comparison

SkyTrak Benefits
  • Portability
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Session history and statistical analysis
  • Solid feature list
ProTee Benefits
  • Zero delay
  • Better suited for multi-handed play
  • More club head data
  • No yearly subscription required

SkyTrak’s biggest benefit compared to ProTee is its portability. SkyTrak is a lightweight, portable launch monitor that can be set up just about anywhere. On the other hand, ProTee requires it’s camera and lighting system to be mounted on the ceiling. ProTee can only be used indoors which further solidifies the need for a user to have a designated space for the system. However, this setup does come with a benefit. ProTee is much better suited for multi-handed play. If you plan to play with friends or family that swing from different sides of the ball, then ProTee requires no setup changes from one player to the other. With SkyTrak the monitor needs to be in front of the ball. Therefore going from a right-handed player to a left-handed player would require you to move the launch monitor to the other side of the mat before each shot.

One of ProTee’s overlooked benefits is it’s zero shot launch delay. As soon as the ball hits the screen, the ball flight is simulated. With SkyTrak there is about a 2-second delay, after you hit the ball, until your ball flight is displayed on the screen. Although it’s a very minimal difference, having no delay creates a much more realistic experience.

If you plan on moving your launch monitor setup around or taking it outdoors then SkyTrak will be better suited for you. If not, then ProTee’s zero shot launch delay will give you a better user experience.

SkyTrak vs ProTee - Price

SkyTrak is one of the best values on the launch monitor market at $1,995.  ProTee’s Base Pack is slightly more expensive at $2,908. However, it comes with The Golf Club Golf simulator software (a $500 value).  So if you're planning on using The Golf Club with SkyTrak then the price is really similar. ProTee’s Base Pack 2 costs $6,708 and comes with their putting sensor mat, a horizontal launch camera, the ProTee 2.0 software, and a high-quality impact screen.  Their Ultimate Golf Simulator Setup costs $26,841 and is geared more for a golf store or training center. They have limited information on this option but it looks to come with a completely covered turf hitting bay and a computer kiosk.

SkyTrak Product Image
ProTee Golf Simulator Base Pack


SkyTrak vs ProTee - Conclusion

For individual use, SkyTrak may be a better all-around option.  It costs less, provides more game improvement features, and also integrates with the same golf simulation software that you get with ProTee.  Features such as bag mapping, session history, and shot dispersion analysis are great ways to dial in your numbers. However, ProTee does provide more club-head data that can be useful for instruction and club fitting, a slightly better simulation experience, and is more suited for left/right handed multiplayer.

All in all, if you plan on using your launch monitor to dial in your numbers, keep track of miss tendencies and club gaps, then you probably want to lean towards SkyTrak. If you plan on using a system strictly for golf simulation, then ProTee might be a better route.



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