SkyTrak vs. TruGolf

SkyTrak vs TruGolf Comparison

In this article, we compare SkyTrak to TruGolf.  SkyTrak is a portable launch monitor that can be used indoors or outdoors.  It can integrate with six different golf simulator software options making it a popular choice for individuals who want the game improvement benefits of a launch monitor with the entertainment value of a golf simulator. TruGolf provides a number of golf simulator packages designed for both personal and commercial use. TruGolf's state of the art technology, in TruTrack2 and TruFlight2, provides users one of the most accurate golf simulators on the market.  In addition, their own E6 connect simulation software provides golfer's endless entertainment. Read on to see how these brands compare and which one would be best for you!

SkyTrak vs TruGolf Comparison

SkyTrak vs TruGolf - Technology

SkyTrak Technology

SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that uses high-speed images taken directly after impact that measure ball speed, spin, and launch angles. From there SkyTrak uses proven algorithms to calculate the flight of the ball. Other than being very accurate, one of the pro’s of SkyTrak’s technology is that it is unaffected by weather conditions. Launch monitors that track the entire flight of the ball, for example, can have a difficult time reading ball data when there is wind affecting the flight. The con is that SkyTrak’s photometric provides limited club data. Club head speed is the only club head measurement SkyTrak provides.

SkyTrak App Screenshot

TruGolf Technology

TruGolf has two different technologies - TruFlight2 and TruTrack2. TruTrack2 is an optical sensor based technology used in the Vista models.  It contains 3 rows of optical sensors inside a golf mat that measure club face and club path through impact. This is then paired with TruGolf’s sonic triangulation technology which is essentially a set of microphones placed across the framework of the hitting screen.  These microphones monitor the audio when your ball hits the screen to calculate the launch and direction of your ball.  TruFlight2, used in all other models, is a camera-based technology that uses 3 camera’s located above the hitting area to track your ball and club data.  TruFlight2 eliminates the need for any hardware on the floor which provides golfers a nice and clean hitting area.

Both the TruFlight2 and TruTrack2 technology are able to accurately measure ball data and club head data which is a plus.  The con is that some users say that TruGolf’s TruTrack2 hitting mat doesn’t always register extreme chunks. But let’s face it, we probably don’t want to see those shots anyway!

TruGolf e6 Screenshot

SkyTrak vs TruGolf - Benefits

SkyTrak Benefits

  • Cost
  • Multiple simulator software options
  • Indoor/outdoor use

A big plus to SkyTrak is it’s indoor and outdoor capabilities. Being able to take your launch monitor to the range and validate what you are seeing is a huge benefit. TruGolf, on the other hand, is strictly for indoor use. Although the Vista models are portable, they still have to be used indoors. Another pro for SkyTrak is that it can be connected to 6 different golf simulation software options, including TruGolf’s E6. This keeps you being from being tied down to one software. In case you get bored, or things aren’t working out with E6, you are free to switch to another software. Lastly, the cost of SkyTrak is significantly less. TruGolf’s cheapest model will cost you $10,495 which is about $3,000 more than our SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio, which comes with the SkyTrak launch monitor, a premium golf mat, simulator screen enclosure, HDMI cable, projector, and projector mounting. Rain or Shine Golf provides a number of SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages that cost as little as $3,499.

TruGolf Benefits

    • Simulation experience
    • Custom options

One of TruGolf’s biggest benefits is it’s custom options. TruGolf will customize a golf simulator set up specifically for your room. So if you are a golf shop/club that wants something special in your setup, or individual with unusual room dimensions, TruGolf’s team can probably make it happen. These options can give your setup a more professional look and feel. TruGolf also provides a slightly better simulation experience for golfers because of it's convenient multi-handed play and no shot delay. One of SkyTrak’s minor complaints is its 2-second shot delay between when you hit the ball and when it starts simulating on the screen. In addition, SkyTrak must be set up in front of the player. Therefore the launch monitor must be moved to the other side of the mat when changing from a right-handed player to a left-hander. TruGolf requires no setup changes moving from a right-handed player to a lefty. 

SkyTrak vs TruGolf - Features

SkyTrak Features

Out of the box, SkyTrak provides a simple driving range to hit shots and view live shot data. For just $99/yr you can subscribe to SkyTrak’s Game Improvement Plan and get access to features such as long drive and closest to the pin competitions, session history, target practice, and skills assessments. Other notable features in the Game Improvement subscription include environmental controls. Environmental controls allow you to adjust conditions such as elevation, humidity, and temperature to simulate play in different locations, or simply adjust the settings to your current environment. Bag mapping is a feature that takes you through every club in your bag to find your average carry and total distances, as well as miss tendencies for each club.  Lastly, Wedge Matrix allows you to practice ½, ¾, and full shots to help dial in your scoring clubs. All in all, SkyTrak provides a ton of great features for both game improvement and entertainment purposes.

SkyTrak Bag Mapping Screenshot

TruGolf in-play screenshot

TruGolf e6 Session History

TruGolf Features

All TruGolf setup options come with at least a 1-year basic subscription to the E6 Connect golf simulator software. With the basic subscription, you get 27 high-quality courses, online events, 4 different driving ranges, chipping and putting areas, mini-games, and multiple modes of play (stroke play, best ball, etc.). E6 connect also provides users skills challenges and competitions that you can play by yourself, or with friends. Historical data allows you to view session history and keep track of your improvement. There really isn’t a whole lot you can’t do with TruGolf and it’s E6 Connect Software. Similar to SkyTrak, it provides golfers both game improvement and entertainment value. 

E6 also gives you complete control over game-play settings such as:

  • Pin positions
  • Terrain penalties
  • Putting arrows and grids
  • Green and fairway firmness
  • Green speed
  • Camera angles
  • And more!

SkyTrak vs TruGolf - Price

TruGolf costs anywhere from $10,495 (Vista 8) to $54,950 for the super premium options like custom trim, sound dampening carpet panels, sound bar w/subwoofer, and more. If you are purchasing for personal/home use then the Vista models are typically most popular. They range from $10,495- $18,995.

SkyTrak costs $1,995 for the launch monitor itself. Then you can spend another $1000-$4000 extra depending on the setup options you choose. We’ll break down a few options for each brand:

TruGolf Vista 8 Golf Simulator with E6 Connect

The most compact and portable simulator in the Vista Series. The Vista 8 is a high-quality simulator at an affordable price.

Learn More About the TruGolf Vista 8 Simulator

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio

The SwingBay Studio is a high quality golf simulator setup at a great value.

Learn More About the SkyTrak SwingBay Studio

SkyTrak vs TruGolf - Conclusion

Overall TruGolf is suited for someone who wants the best golf simulation experience. TruGolf provides a better simulation experience and the different setup options they offer can truly give your setup a wow factor.

SkyTrak is better for an individual on a budget, or someone who wants the ability to use their launch monitor outdoors. However, both systems will provide you an endless amount of entertainment!

Rain or Shine Golf provides the best value on TruGolf and SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages.

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