Uneekor Launch Monitor Review - EYEXO, QED, EYEMini

Considering a launch monitor in the Uneekor lineup? Uneekor has been one of the fastest growing brands in the golf simulation space. And they have earned a reputation not many launch monitors have been able to achieve - being comparable to Trackman.

And spoiler alert for the rest of this article...the hype is real. We've tried them all - The EyeXO, EyeXO2, and QED have impressed for quite some time in the overhead space, and now with the release of EyeMini, they have successfully entered the portable launch monitor game and they came to play. Uneekor has quickly become one of our favorite brands in the premium launch monitor/golf simulator category.

In this article, we'll give you everything you need to know about this lineup of premium golf simulation technology.

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Uneekor Data Review

Uneekor EYE MINI SwingBay Golf Simulator Package - Rain or Shine Golf
Uneekor EyeMini Data Insights
Uneekor EyeMini Data Insights

Uneekor's Eye Mini is definitely new on the block, but we have been impressed with early testing. Although most of the testing at this point has been done indoors in comparison to the EyeXO and QED, we have seen very similar results.

EyeMini is impressed with the speed of calculation and data feedback, allowing you to see results immediately after impact, but you have to make sure that the ball is not brought back into the hitting area or the data screen will disappear.

Uneekor QED Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator - Rain or Shine Golf
Uneekor QED Data Insights
Uneekor QED Data Insights

QED does also provide an accurate set of data, but the main drawback is the need to use the specialty marked balls. This is not a tremendous issue, but the balls used are not going to be a tour ball quality, adding a slight variable to your numbers.

QED also does not provide club data, but the ball data that it measures proves to be pretty accurate. Due to the loss in camera speed, it does not quite stack up to EyeXO, but its still going to get the job done for most.

Uneekor EyeXO Data Insights
Uneekor EyeXO Data Insights

The biggest difference with EyeXO is the introduction of more elaborate measured club data. Not only does this set Uneekor apart from others in the price point, but it also puts them into the top tour level tier of data provided.

EyeXO features two high speed cameras and a radar system, allowing extremely precise measurements that you might think to be best in class, but Uneekor had other ideas...

Uneekor EyeXO2 Data Insights
Uneekor EyeXO2 Data Insights

Introducing the best-in-show, the EyeXO2. You will see down below that EyeXO2 does offer the same data points as the original EyeXO, but the cameras have really stepped up a notch.

The slightly larger enclosure of this device allows better airflow to keep the unit cool and running smoothly and the camera lenses are more securely mounted and feature even higher speed capabilities.

The EYE XO2 offers some of the most in-depth club data on the market with 3 high-speed infrared cameras to capture a full range of precision data with the ball of your choice.

Uneekor Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Space Do You Need For Uneekor Overhead Units?

The absolute minimum space you will need for these two launch monitors is 10'W x 9'H x 16'D.

QED and EYE XO are both placed overhead. The only difference in setup is that QED is placed 3' behind the ball whereas EYE XO is placed 3' in front of the ball.

But as far as spacing requirements go, it doesn't really change anything. You'll need between 7-8' between your screen and projector which puts your hitting area around 10-12' from the screen. You'll then need another 4-5' for your backswing.

One thing to note is that these units need to be between 9-10' above your ball. So if you have ceilings higher than 10', you will need to mount the launch monitor with an extension that drops the launch monitor within that range.

How Much Do Uneekor Launch monitors Cost?

The MSRP of these devices is as follows:

EyeMini: $4,500

QED: $7,000

EYEXO: $10,000

EYEXO2: $14,000

Does Uneekor Ever Run Promotions?

In our experience, Uneekor has not offered many sales on their launch monitors. So the price you see is most likely what you should expect to pay. Occasionally they have offered their software at a discount. We have seen an occasional sale on the EYEXO2, but very little on the other units.

Uneekor Review Summary

We can't say enough good things about the Uneekor brand of launch monitors. Their performance, accuracy, data, and features are all top-notch. It's by far one of our favorite systems we've used. And we've used a lot!

If you're thinking about getting an indoor launch monitor or home golf simulator and want a premium system, then the QED and EYE XO are the best options on the market.

We recommend pairing either launch monitor with TGC 2019 for golf simulation. The EYE XO with TGC 2019 is truly a world-class setup that we would highly recommend.