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Orange Whip Swing Trainer Description

Product Summary

Voted the #1 Teaching and Training Aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals!

The patented, counterbalanced, flexible shaft swing system provides the necessary feedback to train your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and powerful.

Instant Feedback

Any wobble in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo, balance, and swing plane. Receive instant feedback that you can feel and correct with each swing.

Train Your Athletic Golf Swing And Get Ready To Play

The proprietary flexible shaft coordinates the rhythm between your arms, upper body, and lower body. Swing over and over to develop your own tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course. Warm-up and get loose and get ready to play or practice.

Maximizes core golf fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Made In The USA

Premium quality is quality you can feel.  The Orange Whip Golf products are handmade in the USA with American parts, and feature a patented, counterbalanced, flexible shaft swing system. It’s built to last and comes with 2-year warranty.

Three key components make up the patented design of the Original Orange Whip Trainer:

1. Patented Counterbalance

  • The patented Orange Whip counterbalance provides the necessary feedback to train your swing to stay on plane, balanced, and powerful. The counterbalance stabilizes your swing from the start through the finish.  It’s essential in providing critical, immediate feedback on whether your golf swing is on plane and if you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.

2. Weighted Orange Ball

  • The orange ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the club face. It’s weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion.

3. Flexible, Whippy Shaft

  • The flexible shaft allows you to create lag in your golf swing as you keep the club on plane through impact. All great player create lag which creates power and distance.


Standard Size - 47" inches: Simulates Driver Motion for Men and Taller Women

Mid-Size - 43" inches: Simulates Driver Motion for Seniors, Women, Teens, and Beginners. Simulates iron motion for men and Taller Women

Compact Size - 35.5": Simulates Short Iron Motion and Wedge Shots for All Golfers - Men, Women, Seniors, Teens

What's Included

  • Orange Whip Swing Trainer
  • User Manual

Product Specifications

Standard - 47" inches - 1.75 lbs. Mid-Size - 43" inches - 1.7 lbs.

Compact - 35.5" inches - 1.6 lbs.

“Rain or Shine has always been available to answer questions when I've had to call them. They have quality products."

Bryan K, Michigan - Verified Buyer

“From solid pre-purchase advice to delivery and self-install, everything went smooth and as promised. Highly recommend Rain or Shine Golf.”

Fred G, Illinois - Verified Buyer

“I bought a golf simulator from Rain or Shine Golf and couldn't be happier. The package was turnkey and everything went exactly smooth. I would definitely do this all over again with them.”

Paul C, California - Verified Buyer

“The Team at Rain or Shine are AMAZING and incredibly PATIENT!!! Highly recommend.”

Russel P, Florida - Verified Buyer

"Rain or Shine was incredibly helpful in helping me navigating selecting my launch monitor."

Brian A, Colorado - Verified Buyer

Why Buy From Us?

We are Unbiased Experts
We are Unbiased Experts

Our Team of golfers are here to serve you as unbiased consultants, finding the best possible solution for your needs and budget.

  • We will always make a true recommendation
  • We are honest about what product is best for you
  • We train our team to be launch monitor experts
We Make the Process Easy and Fun
We Make the Process Easy and Fun

From design of your room, to selecting the tech best fit for you, to getting the product to your door, our team will make the process simple, seamless, and fast.

  • Live Customer Success Staff
  • Secure Order Processing
  • Fast and Accurate Shipping
  • Reliable Recommendations
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Like You, We Love Golf!
Like You, We Love Golf!

We are truly passionate about this industry. We are a team of real golfers looking to serve real golfers and design the perfect solution to help you meet your handicap goals, lifestyle goals, and family goals.

The world of data and technology in golf is constantly evolving and growing and we are thrilled to contribute to the growth in this industry!

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